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  1. Zone committee recommendations

    … BiodiversityProtection of Indigenous Biodiversity in the Orari, Temuka, Opihi and Pareora ZonesProtection of Indigenous Biodiversity in the Orari, Temuka, Opihi and Pareora Zones

    Cultural ValuesRecognising and Protecting Cultural Values in OTOP

    Meetings and presentations
    Community Presentations for Future Water Management (July / August 2017)

    Water Management in the OTOP Zone (Beef and Lamb) (PDF File, 4.22MB)
    Will potential planning changes affect the reliability of your consent? (PDF File,…
  2. Attending Council meetings

    … meeting. Speakers may speak for up to 10 minutes. If there are two speakers on a topic 10 minutes in total is available for both speakers. 

    Speakers are welcome to bring written material to the meeting in support of their topic. If you have a PowerPoint presentation, we will need at least one clear day before the meeting to load it into the system for live streaming. Our Council meetings are recorded and can be viewed on our YouTube playlist.

    After the public forum/deputation or petition is p…
  3. Tuhituhi o neherā – protecting Māori rock art

    … destruction from changes to land use, exposure to the elements and environmental changes.  Such sites are a taonga to Ngāi Tahu who are actively involved in their conservation and ongoing management.

    Photo credit: Ngai Tahu Maori Rock Art Trust

    Following a presentation by the Ngāi Tahu Māori Rock Art Trust, the Water Zone Committee supported the inclusion of measures to protect the art in its recommendations to councils on water management as part of its Zone Implementation Programme Addendum…
  4. Communicating technical information

    We’ve changed the way we communicate technical information so that it supports the community–led process. Presentation styles are varied for audiences, with time and space provided for people to digest information.

    Empower with good dataCommunities need data that helps them make good local decisions. Getting staff to explain their initial findings and including them in community conversations from the beginning is vital. Local knowledge is treated with respect and time is taken to sy…

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