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  1. Biodiversity and Biosecurity

    Creating a step-change in effort in the regeneration of freshwater, marine and terrestrial biodiversity

    There are four strategic programmes of work in this portfolio:

    Regional Biodiversity
    Braided Rivers
    More information is contained in the Canterbury Biodiversity Strategy, under the work in our ten water zones, and under pest management.

    Canterbury’s landscapes and waterways are home to some of New Zealand’s unique flora and fauna. Some of these indigenous species thrive…
  2. Essential Freshwater package and Canterbury rules – FAQs

    Updated 17 May 2021

    We are collating responses to the most frequently asked questions on the Essential Freshwater package – from farmers in particular. More FAQs will be added as responses become available – and responses may be modified in light of any new information or advice received.

    If you have further questions, please send them to We may not be in a position to answer these immediately but will come back to you with an indication of when an answer may become availa…

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