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  1. Action in the zone

    Environment Canterbury is working with several partners on a wide range of initiatives within the Lower Waitaki South Coastal Canterbury water zone. We've provided a snapshot of some key projects below.

    Te Mana o Te Wai Wainono Lagoon restoration projectWainono Lagoon is a 480 hectare coastal lagoon and wetland of national and international importance for its birdlife and native fish. The lagoon is also of significant importance to the local rūnanga.

    Environment Canterbury has been workin…
  2. Climate resilience and flood protection funding

    More than $24 million will be spent between 2021 and 2023 on a programme of flood protection projects in Canterbury thanks to central government’s climate resilience fund.

    Flooding is the most common natural hazard we all face in New Zealand. As the world confronts a changing climate, we can expect the extent of flooding to be affected through a range of mechanisms including rainfall, temperature, sea-level and river channel changes.

    Managing the region's flood protection assets

  3. Freshwater Management

    We are improving freshwater outcomes by partnering with Ngāi Tahu and the community to implement national direction, and also empowering and engaging communities to deliver actions on the ground to meet the Canterbury Water Management Strategy targets. 

    There are six strategic programmes of work in this portfolio:

    Working together for healthy water and land
    Monitoring and understanding our environment
    Freshwater regulatory framework
    Healthy waterways actions
    Stewardship of water and land
  4. Responses to information requests

    The LGOIMA response is published along with a summary of the request.
    Personal information is removed from the request and from the response.  
    The requests have been categorised on this page.
    Please be aware that a request/response may cover more than one area and will be located in the relevant category for the majority of the information requested.

    Air quality

    13 December 2018 - Request for a report titled ‘An Examination of Uncertainties in the CM-1 Method’
    1517C - We received an informati…

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