Accredited Farm Consultants

Nutrient budgets and Farm Environment Plans completed by an Accredited Farm Consultant can influence the activity status of a resource consent application, and in some cases result in the activities being a controlled activity.

To become an Accredited Farm Consultant, you need to meet the requirements as defined by the Canterbury Land and Water Regional Plan definition of an Accredited Farm Consultant.

Professionals are automatically recognised if they hold a current certification under parts 1 or 2 of the definition.

Definition of 'Accredited Farm Consultant'

According to the LWRP Section 2.9 - Definitions, Translations and Abbreviations, 'Accredited Farm Consultant' means a person who holds a Certificate of Completion in Advanced Sustainable Nutrient Management in New Zealand Agriculture from Massey University and who:

  1. has been certified by the New Zealand Institute for Primary Industry Management as meeting the criteria for a 'Certified Dairy Farm System Consultant'; or
  2. is a Certified Nutrient Management Adviser under the Nutrient Manager Adviser Certification Programme Ltd; or
  3. holds any other qualification that has been approved by the Chief Executive of Environment Canterbury as being an equivalent standard with respect to the knowledge and competencies required.


Environment Canterbury is asking professionals to apply to be approved under part 3 of the definition.

There is currently no fee to apply in the 2019/20 financial year.

Apply to be an Accredited Farm Consultant (PDF File, 195.36KB). 

Registered Consultants

Below is our register of Accredited Farm Consultants.

Contact Company Phone Email

Alison Van Polanen

EnviroPlan Limited  021 946 419 

Amelia Wood 

The Agribusiness Group 027 821 9946 

Ben Howden

Irricon Resource Solutions 021 242 0023

Charlotte Irving

The Agribusiness Group 027 310 1438

David Ashby

Dave Ashby Rural Consultants Ltd 027 450 2934

David Hewson

Hewson Rural Consulting Ltd 021 241 3549

Dugald McLean

DS McLean Ltd 021 038 1916

Erin Harvie

Bowden Environmental 027 434 7438

Hannah Foster

Irricon Resource Solutions 022 0488 556

Leah Gorman

EnviroPlan Limited 027 737 5697

Michael Edmondson

  021 503 397

Nicky Watt

Irricon Resource Solutions 021 220 1136

Nicole Matheson

Irrigo Centre Ltd 027 205 2355

Nicole Phillips

Irricon Resource Solutions 027 414 0456

Noelle Fox

LIC 027 525 0250

Paul Reese

Water Strategies 027 731 4433

Sam Mander

The Agribusiness Group 027 305 8549