Notices and events

You'll need to plan and organise an event yourself but our park rangers and staff can provide the information and advice you'll need to make it successful.

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 Upcoming events

Coming events~~

Waimakariri River regional park

World MTB Night Racing Championship Series

Wednesday evenings from 12 April - 7 June  2017

This annual event for mountain bikers runs for 8 weeks during April – June at McLeans Forest. The challenge of racing in the dark adds to the event atmosphere and racing experience.

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 Organising an event

Can I organise events in a regional park?
Yes. It is your responsibility to plan and organise the event but our staff can provide information and advice. You will need to secure the area, supply your own venue (such as a marquee or stage), comply with Environment Canterbury conditions and any Territorial Local Authority regulations to create a safe environment for participants. 
Please consider the additional requirements on this page before getting in touch with the Park Rangers. 
Booking the area is your first step. Contact us and ask for the Regional Park Ranger in the events team. We can hold a date for 14 days. After this, if no application form has been received, the date will be cleared.
See below for booking forms.
Minor events (up to 60 people)
Confirmation of your booking will follow once we have received and accepted your application form (which includes a Health and Safety confirmation form).
Booking forms for minor events are at the bottom of this page and must be received at least four weeks prior to the event date.
You must also provide a site plan detailing set up plans.
Generally we do not charge for minor events.
Major events (more than 60 people)
You must give 6 to 12 months' notice for all major events. Booking forms are at the bottom of this page.
You may need specific approvals from the appropriate city or district council for things like traffic management, building consent, or liquor licensing. We can advise on this 
If your application is successful, you will need to make a site visit with a park ranger prior to the event to discuss logistics.
Resource consent may be required for some major events. Please be aware that this process can take 12 to 18 months and may incur significant costs to you.
A checklist of things to consider

Traffic Management Plan – If any part of your activity uses public roads, you will be required to submit a Traffic Management Plan. This must be prepared by a qualified STMS individual from the relevant city or district council.

Noise Consent – Live or amplified music may require noise consent from the relevant city or district council.

Liquor Licence – Selling or permitting alcohol at your event? If so, special liquor licences may be required. They can be obtained from the relevant city or district council, who can provide you with guidelines for host responsibility.

Public Liability Insurance – You will be required to obtain public liability insurance for your event. This would normally be a minimum of $1,000,000. Often a sponsor will provide this coverage as an extension to their existing insurance policy.

Forest and Rural Fire Insurance – This is required between 1 September and 30 April each year. This would normally be a minimum of $250,000.

Neighbours – Do they know what’s going on? Have you invited them? Please don’t hesitate to ask the Parks and Reserves team if you are unsure whether this is an issue.

Food– Who is providing this service? Do they have current licences?

Security – Do you need a police presence? Are you providing private security staff? If so, security staff must be registered.

Parking – Will you need additional parking?

Signage – Event signage may be permitted.

Building Consents – You may need building consent for marquees over 50sqm, stage, fencing, temporary structures, sound towers. This can be obtained from the relevant city or district council.

Power Access – Different venues have varying availability of power. You may need to consider a generator.

Toilet facilities – How many will you need and will you require disabled access?

Rubbish and recycling – Who is cleaning up afterwards?

Health and Safety – Every event organiser must be aware of their responsibilities under the Health and Safety At Work Act 2015.

Environment Canterbury wants you to have a successful event and we are here to assist you with information and advice. Please don’t hesitate to contact Park Ranger (Events) on 353 9007or 0800 324 636 (0800 EC INFO).

You can print off this handy checklist here