We run four urban bus services in Timaru, a dedicated school bus and a service connecting Timaru and Temuka. Private bus operators are awarded routes through a tender process. Information about fares and timetables is available on our Metro Timaru website(external link).

By the numbers

  • 17,000 passenger trips each month
  • 4 urban bus routes
  • 7 vehicles, which make more than 80 trips each weekday
  • 1 school service

Timaru Metro Strategy

The first edition of the Timaru Metro Strategy (PDF File, 1.32MB) led to the introduction of the Metrocard to Timaru in 2007, new low-floor, accessible buses on urban routes, better timetable information at all bus stops and the introduction of the Timaru Link(external link) service. The latest strategy was adopted by Environment Canterbury and the Timaru District Council in 2010, following public consultation.

Bus infrastructure

Bus stops, seats, shelters and bus priority measures in Timaru are provided and maintained by the Timaru District Council(external link). If you have a comment or suggestion about bus infrastructure in Timaru, contact the council.

  • Discuss requests or suggestions for a route or timetable with your local community board or residents’ group — or send your feedback to Metro