Transport data sources and research

Improving the quality of or access to transport data will lead to a better evidence base on which decisions can be made about investment in Canterbury’s transport network. We are working with territorial authorities, other South Island councils, and central government, to make improvements.

Report commissioned by Environment Canterbury - Harnessing the potential of data for Canterbury's tourism and transport networks.

Environment Canterbury, on the region’s behalf, commissioned a report to identify gaps where collecting or improving the quality of, or access to existing data could lead to a better evidence base on which decisions can be made about investment in Canterbury’s transport network, as well as tourism infrastructure and other services to support the visitor experience. View the report.

Options to close gaps in information will take time to implement. As an initial step, the following table summarises some of the data available to assist infrastructure owners with planning and investment decisions. You can find the summary table, and specific information:

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency transport data
A range of data tools are available on the Transport Agency’s website.
Transport Indicators
Find Indicators that provide key information on the transport sector. 
Future demand
The Ministry of Transport’s Future Demand project explores the uncertainty of demand for personal travel by developing four future scenarios looking at the possible impact on travel. These are not predictions or preferences for the future transport system – rather a range of plausible futures that will help us make better investment decisions.
Transport Outlook
Upcoming publication, not yet available. The update will include a high-level view of the state of the transport system, commentary on emerging issues and trends, and 30-year projections of future transport demand. You can view a presentation from the Ministry of Transport (PDF 1.20 MB).
Monitoring Greater Christchurch Regeneration
The report provides a summary of regeneration progress, drawing on numerous sources of information collected and published by other agencies. The report is intended to provide the public with an easily accessible account of progress in greater Christchurch, based on data available as at 31 May 2017. Read the Monitoring Greater Christchurch Regeneration - June 2017 - Report.
Assets and infrastructure
For information about networks, including assets, congestion, vehicle kilometres travelled, bridge, road and cycle way metrics, works carried out on local roads and state highways and the condition of roads visit the Transport Agency's data and tools page.
Transport Use
Statistics about how people choose to travel, and the use of actual public transport, motor vehicles, walking and cycling can be found at the Transport Agency's statistics page.
State highway traffic volumes 1975–2015
Network usage statistics for approximately 1500 monitoring sites. 
New Zealand Vehicle Fleet Statistics
For fleet statistics including monthly electric vehicle registrations, quarterly fleet statistics and annual vehicle fleet statistics.
Urban New Zealanders attitudes and perceptions of cycling
A survey of attitudes and perceptions towards cycling (PDF 1.02 MB), among people who live in our main urban centres, to help track progress toward our goal to make cycling a safer and more attractive transport option.
Traffic Counts
Traffic counts sourced from certain councils:
Traffic dashboard
Christchurch traffic dashboard - an overview of what is happening with traffic around Christchurch.
Journey times
Journey times for Christchurch - Christchurch congestion map.
Find out how much the Transport Agency and territorial authorities spend on transport including infrastructure, transport planning, road maintenance, walking and cycling and passenger transport.
Regional Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Regional gross domestic product – Information releases.
Modelled Territorial Authority Gross Domestic Product (MTAGDP)
Experimental estimates of MTAGDP.
Economics and demographics
The Transport Agency's Economics and demographics data outline a number of external factors which help to inform transport decision making. This includes population data, levels of socio-economic deprivation, fuel prices and freight statistics.
International tourism forecasts
View the forecasts for future tourism demand in New Zealand.
Monthly regional tourism estimates
The Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates (MRTEs) provide an estimate of regional monthly expenditure on tourism from both international and domestic consumers.
New Zealand Tourism Dashboard
The New Zealand Tourism Dashboard -  Your one-stop shop for all information about tourism.
International Visitor Survey
The International Visitor Survey (IVS) measures the travel patterns and expenditure of international visitors to New Zealand. Data includes expenditure, places visited, activities/attractions, accommodation and transport.
Tourism Insight Series
The Tourism Insight Series covers tourism infrastructure, including road and rail infrastructure.
Freight transport
Draft South Island Freight Plan
A starting point for conversations about how all those with an interest in the freight network in the South Island can improve our competitiveness and efficiency. View the Draft South Island Freight Plan.
Greater Christchurch Freight Study and Action Plan
The study was undertaken in three steps with sub-reports as follows:
  • The Freight Demand Statement which assessed origins and destinations of demand; assessment of freight by commodities, freight hubs and generation points. This provided validation of the GCTS growth forecasts with the addition of a range of forecasts
  • The Freight Infrastructure Statement assessed current infrastructure capacity, supply chain capability and identified constraints and opportunities for the future
  • The Freight Management Directions Statement builds on the other two documents. It provides recommendations for further optimisation and improvements to the freight network and management practices
UDS partners subsequently agreed on the Greater Christchurch Freight Action Plan.
National Freight Demand Study
A snapshot of New Zealand's current freight task and a forecast of what New Zealand's future freight task will look like over the next 30 years. View the National Freight Demand Study in detail.
Freight Information Gathering System (FIGS)
An overview of freight movements around New Zealand, including containerised freight, rail freight, and bulk coastal freight. View the Freight information gathering system details.
Transport and Trade database
New insights into New Zealand’s international freight movements, providing an overview of the key results for 2015 and recent trends. Based on a new data source that Statistics New Zealand and Customs have developed, which splits New Zealand’s international sea freight into bulk and containerised. You can view the transport and trade database
NZ International Airfreight
The Ministry of Transport commissioned a study on New Zealand international air freight for both exports and imports. This research has analysed demand and available capacity, freight movement patterns and charges, as well as historic trends and future demand. You can read the airfreight research final report (PDF 5.74 MB).
Future Freight Scenarios Study
The study was commissioned to provide impartial information, for the purpose of helping the freight sector plan effectively for the increasing numbers of larger ships visiting New Zealand. View the Future Freight Scenarios Study in detail.
Overseas cargo statistics
Overseas cargo statistics record the value and gross weight of all goods loaded or unloaded at New Zealand ports – both sea and air.
New Zealand ports and freight yearbook 2016
The New Zealand ports and freight yearbook presents a concise snapshot of selected macroeconomic and domestic drivers of New Zealand port activity and the freight task.
Freight content
New Zealand’s forests
New Zealand’s planted production forests, including area, age class and species, as well as planting and harvesting statistics. View the stats of New Zealand's forests.
Wood product markets
Data on forestry imports and exports, and log prices. Statistics about New Zealand’s forests can be viewed.
Wood processing
Wood production and stock levels in New Zealand. View the Wood Processing data.
Background information and statistical data on the New Zealand Forest Industry. View the forestry facts and figures.
Agriculture production statistics
Information about animal farming, crop growing, and forestry and farm practices. View the data for Agriculture, horticulture, and forestry statistics.
Public transport
Metro developer resource
An overview of the data feeds that are available for MetroInfo's Bus Network in order to assist independent developers to what information is available and can be integrated into their own applications.
Resilience maps
Resilience information for all state highway corridors in the top 3 One Network Road Classification (ONRC) categories.
The Transport Agency's safety statistics
View the Transport Agency's safety statistics on road deaths in NZ and make use of their road safety action planning tool, road safety wizard, and crash analysis reports.
Road Safety Surveys
The Ministry of Transport conducts and collates information for a number of road safety surveys every year. Survey topics include child restraints, seatbelt use, speed and the annual Public Attitudes to Road Safety survey.
Injury Statistics
Use ACC's injury statistics to view all paid injury claims for the last five years.
Road safety statistics for Canterbury
Statistics provided by the Transport Agency for road safety in the Canterbury region.
Environment and public health
Information about the impact of transport on the environment, including vehicle fuel efficiency, age and emissions.