Change 1 - Selwyn Waihora

Plan Change 1- Selwyn Waihora is operative.

You can view information relating to its development below or the full Canterbury Land and Water Regional Plan (LWRP), including any changes made as a result of Plan Change 1.

Plan Change 1 introduced policies, rules and limits into the LWRP to manage water quality and water quantity in the Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere catchment, with particular emphasis on the long-term health of Te Waihora.


Plan Change 1 has been developed and is under review.

Public notification

Plan Change 1 was publicly notified on 24 February 2014. 


Submissions to Plan Change 1 closed on 24 March 2014.


Hearings commenced on 16 September 2014 - 27 November 2014. 


Council made a decision.


Council's decisions were publicly notified, and the appeals period has ended.

Plan operative

Council has made Plan Change 1 to the Land and Water Regional Plan operative from 1 February 2016.

Current stage

Plan operative~~

Plan Change 1 was made operative on 1 February 2016. Read the full Canterbury Land and Water Regional Plan.

Previous stages


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Original submissions
ANZCO Foods Limited, CMP and Others
Bain, G
Ballance Agri-Nutrient Limited
Bassett, J
Bates, R & S
Baxter Family
Beef and Lamb New Zealand
Bonniface, G
Booth, R
Brownlee W & H
Bruce, M
Bruerton, S
Canterbury District Health Board
Canterbury Grasslands Ltd
CAPG Canterbury Aggregate Producers Group
Carter, G
Central Plains Water
Chamberlain, P
Chatterton, I
Christchurch City Council
Clouston, H E
Cookson, T & L
Cullen, R
Dairy Holdings Limited
Davoren, A
Demeter, J
Director, Department of Conservation
Donad, C P
Donkers, L H
Duff, I H
Dulieu, Murray & Nell
Duncan, R
Dunsandel Groundwater Users Association Inc
Ellesmere Irrigation Society Inc
Ellesmere Transport Ltd
Erralyn Farm Limited and Krysette Limited
Ferguson, T
Fertiliser Association
Fisher, B
Florance, A
Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd's
Foster, D
Giltrap, J R
Greenslade, J
Halswell Drainage District Liaison Committee
Hamblett, A & M
Harris, A
Hasson, D
Horticulture New Zealand
Hutchinson, B
HydroTrader Ltd
Irrigation New Zealand
Islington Park Limited
Janson, G
Jarman, P K & A E
Klaassens, MH
KO Farm Company Limited
Lake Settlers Association
Lambom, F & R
Lansdowne Environmental Issues Society Inc
Long, R
Lower Selwyn Hut Owners Association
Luporini, F
Macartney, H J
Malvern Hills Protection Society
Manson R W
Martin, G
McArthur C M
McArthur, A G
McArthur, H F
McIndoe, I
McKavanagh Holdings
McMath, R
Miller, G
Mingozzi, N
Moir, B & A
Moore, E
New Zealand Defence Force
Nga Runanga and Tront
Norris, I
North Canterbury Fish & Game Council
North Canterbury Province of Federated Farmers of New Zealand (Inc)
NZ King Salmon
Oakley, H & R
Power, G
Rankin, D A
Ravensdown Fertiliser Co-Operative Ltd
Reyne S & A
Riccarton Bush Trust
Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of NZ
Ryan, C
Sanford LTD
Selwyn District Council
Smith, G
Smith, K D
Snoyink J
Sommerville, A
Southbank Dairies
Submission on V1 pLWRP by, Resource and Environmental Management Nelson Limited
Synlait Farms
Synlait Milk
Talbot Bowden Environmental
Te Taumutu Runanga
The Farming Company Ltd
Thomas, C
Thomas, Y
Thornley, S
Townshend, J
Townshend, K
Trustpower Limited
Upston, I
Waihora Ellesmere Trust
Waitikiri Gardens
Whale, D
Whitefield Dairies Limited
Further submissions
ANZCO Foods Ltd
ANZCO Foods Ltd
Bain, Geoffrey
Ballance Agri Nutrients Limited
Beef and Lamb New Zealand Limited
Benny, Andrew and Jo
Birkett David
Bowman Richard
Central Plains Water Limited
Central Plains Water Ltd,
Central South Island Fish and Game Council
Chamberlain, Timothy, Peter
Chambers Leonie
Christchurch City Council
Christchurch City Council
Croft, Craig
Dairy Holdings Ltd
dePlass D P
Donald, Christine, Lake Ellesmere Dairy Farmers Group
Dr Jansen C G, and A M
Dunsandel Groundwater Users
Dunsandel Groundwater Users Association Inc.
Ellesmere Irrigation Society Incorporated
Erralyn Farm Ltd and Krysette Ltd
Fertiliser Association of New Zealand
Fonterra Co-Operative Group Limited
Forest and Bird
Garrett, Philip, Louis
Gilbert, Francis John and Beverley J
Grigg John
High Peak Station and Quartz Hill
Horticulture New Zealand
Hutchinson, B
Inwood, Stuart, Ronald
Jarman Paul and Ann
Ko Farm Company Limited
L & M Coal Whitecliffs and L & M Coal Mount Somers Ltd
L Barnett A G and R
Late Mulholland Mark
Lill S G and D J
Lower Selwyn Hut Owners Association
McCormick S for Liffey Farms
McEvedy, Christopher, Valentine, and Margaret Beverley
McMillan V M
Mundt S F
Murphy, John, Peter
New Zealand Defence Force
New Zealand King Salmon Company Limited
North Canterbury Fish and Game Council
North Canterbury Province of Fed Farmers of NZ
Pangborn Marvin
Parnham, Lyle Shannon
Ravensdown Fertiliser Co-op Ltd
Seaton L E
Selwyn District Council
Selwyn District Council
Shipley J
Shipley, Murray, Burton
Silver Fern Farms
Stephens, Murray, George
Stephens, Stuart
The Crossing Ltd
Whale D
Summary of decisions requested


Independent Hearing Commission documents
Submitter documents
Tabled at the hearing
ANZCO - Clarkson
ANZCO - Legal Submission
ANZCO - Memo
ANZCO - Woodford
Balance Agri-Nutrients
Beef and Lamb
Beef Lamb
CAG - Response - Ensor
CAG - Response - Legal
Canterbury District Health Board
CPW - Crombie - Goodfellow
CPW - Legal
CPW - Powerpoint
CPW - Saunders
CPW Lowe
CPW Peacock
Dairy Holdings - Glass
Dairy Holdings - Legal
Dairy NZ - Fonterra - Legal
Dunsandel Groundwater User Association - Donkers
Dunsandel Groundwater Users Association
Ecan counsel response
Ecan Map
Ellesmere - Appendix 1
Ellesmere - Appendix 3
Ellesmere Irrigation
Ellesmere Irrigation - Appendix 1
Ellesmere Irrigation - pp
Ellesmere Irrigation Society
Erralyn Krysette Farm - Begg
Federated Farmers - Guild
Federated Farmers - Legal Submission
Federated Farmers - Legal Submission - Appendix
Federated Farmers - Memo
Federated Farmers - Shipley
Federated Farmers - Upston
Fertiliser Association - Sneath
Fertiliser NZ - Sneath
Fish and Game - Amendments Appx 5
Fish and Game - Forest and Bird - Appendix 5 - Pearson
Fish and Game - Forest and Bird - Fife
Fish and Game - Forest and Bird - Kent
Fish and Game - Forest and Bird - Legal Submission
Fish and Game - Memo
Fonterra - Appleyard - Williams
Fonterra Dairy NZ - Smeaton
Fonterra Dairy NZ Memo
Fonterra Dairy NZ Willis
Horticulture NZ - Joint statement - Rebuttal
Horticulture NZ - Joint statement - Memo
Horticulture NZ - Joint statement - Track
Horticulture NZ - Legal
Horticulture NZ - Joint submission
Hydro Services - Davoren
Hydroservices Davoren
Hydrotrader - van Derwal
Irrigation NZ - Curtis
Irrigation NZ - Others legal submissions
Lake Ellesmere Dairy - Donald
Lamborn Southbank - McKavanagh
Malvern Hills
McKavanagh Holdings
Minute by Hearing Commissioners - N Conland and others
Ngai Tahu - Begley
Ngai Tahu - Legal
Ngai Tahu - Tables
Ngai Tahu - Tipene
Ngai Tahu Te Taumutu - E Brown
Ngai Tahu Te Taumutu - D Brown - a
Ngai Tahu Te Taumutu - D Brown - b
Ngai Tahu Te Taumutu - D Brown - c
Ngai Tahu Te Taumutu - Jones
Ngai Tahu Te Taumutu - Legal
Ngai Tahu Te Taumutu - Norton
Ngai Tahu Te Taumutu - Oregan
NZ King Salmon Co Ltd
NZ King Salmon Co Ltd - Bailey
NZ Pork - Murrell
NZ Pork - Powerpoint
Response Memo - Talbot
Supplementary Legal Submission - Maw
Synlait - Chapman-Galbreath
Synlait - Memo
Synlait - Response - Memo
Various Submitters - 1
Various Submitters - 2
General documents
Hearing audio transcripts
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Ellesmere Irrigation

Federated Farmers

Forest and Bird