Healthier Homes Canterbury – information for suppliers

  Update: 14 December 2021 - Pause to applications under the Healthier Homes Canterbury scheme

We are aware that Auckland Council has been warned by the Commerce Commission for potential breaches of the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act in relation to its Retrofit Your Home Programme. 

While our Healthier Homes Canterbury scheme is different in many respects from the Auckland scheme, we are pausing receipt of applications while we review our scheme in light of the Commerce Commission’s decision. 

This complete review of the scheme is well underway, with much of the initial work done. However, as the review has progressed, further questions have been raised which we must continue to investigate.

We apologise for the frustration this may cause, particularly as we acknowledge this is not the first time we have had to extend the timeframe. However, if we are to continue to offer our Healthier Homes Canterbury scheme in the future, we need to be absolutely sure we are complying with the Act noted above and therefore a thorough review is necessary. 

Please continue to pursue alternative sources of funding in the meantime, such as: 

We will update this page as soon as we have more information to share.

Healthier Homes Canterbury enables Canterbury ratepayers, that meet criteria, to add the cost of installing home heating, ventilation and/or insulation to their rates bills.  The value per ratepayer is up to $6,000, inclusive of GST, and will need to be paid back over nine years at a fixed interest rate.

All suppliers must be registered with Environment Canterbury to participate in the scheme and the selected product/s must be accepted by Environment Canterbury.

Please note: applications to the Healthier Homes Canterbury scheme are currently on hold. Refer to the update at the top of this page for more information.

Frequently asked questions
What can the $6,000 be used for?

Healthier Homes Canterbury can be used for heating, insulation and ventilation up to the value of $6,000 (including GST) per ratepayer:

  • Heating includes heat pumps, wood burners, flued gas heaters, pellet fires and heat transfer systems.
  • Insulation includes ceiling, underfloor, draught stopping and moisture barrier where required.
  • Ventilation includes kitchen and bathroom extractor fans.
  • Solid fuel burner building consent fees (if the consent application is handled by the supplier)
  • The cost of a Home Performance Assessment (where applicable and if it is carried out by the supplier)

Any installation work must be completed by a supplier that is registered to participate in Healthier Homes Canterbury. Any heating or insulation product/s installed must be on Environment Canterbury’s list of accepted products.

How do I become a registered supplier?

In order to be part of the scheme, a supplier must complete the registration process:

  1. Complete the necessary Registration of Interest (ROI) documentation.
  2. Get accepted provisionally as a registered supplier (if Environment Canterbury is satisfied with your ROI response).
  3. Attend training sessions as required.
  4. Start doing Healthier Homes Canterbury installations.
  5. Be subject to satisfactory audits of your first five Healthier Homes Canterbury installations for quality assurance purposes, at your own cost.
  6. That’s it – you’re now a registered supplier!

How does it work once I’m a registered supplier?

If you become a registered supplier, we’ll make sure you have all the information you need to get started and get paid. You can expect the process to go something like this:

Customer gets Home Performance Assessment (this is optional but strongly recommended)

Customer decides on desired product/s and gets quotes from registered supplier/s

Customer applies for Healthier home Canterbury via Environment Canterbury

If application approved, Environment Canterbury gives go ahead

Supplier goes ahead and installs required products

Environment Canterbury receives and pays invoices from supplier directly

All done!

The process may differ slightly for customers who are also receiving subsidies and/or contributing part of the total cost themselves. Installers will be subject to random audits over the life of the scheme.

Do suppliers have to attend any training on Healthier Homes Canterbury?

Yes, all registered suppliers will need to attend training sessions as required by Environment Canterbury and be subject to audits for quality assurance purposes, all at their own cost.

Can a supplier apply for Healthier Homes Canterbury on behalf of a customer?

You can fill out the paperwork on behalf of your customer, but it must all be read and signed by the ratepayer of the property before applying to Environment Canterbury.

How is payment made to the supplier?

Environment Canterbury will pay the registered supplier directly once the product has been supplied or installed and on presentation of an invoice for the agreed quoted amount.

Is there a timeframe for completing the work?

Registered suppliers will be expected to install the quoted measures within a reasonable period of time and not unduly delay the installation process.

What if more than $6,000 of work is needed?

The ratepayer can pay the difference themselves (or using another source such as a subsidy or loan) as long as it is approved by Environment Canterbury before work starts and a registered supplier is used. When a customer or supplier submits their quote/s as part of the application process, if the total is over $6,000, the customer will be expected to pay the difference themselves directly to the supplier/s.

Who carries out the audits on my work? How do I arrange them?

Environment Canterbury will arrange for independent audits of a registered supplier’s first five installations at the supplier’s cost. We will also manage a subsequent programme of random audits that will be funded by Environment Canterbury and/or EECA.

Is Healthier Homes Canterbury the best option?

Healthier Homes Canterbury is one way to help people to upgrade to cleaner, more efficient home heating and achieve a warmer, drier, healthier home.

There are a range of other solutions available as well, which we encourage you to present to your customers, including subsidies towards home insulation (offered by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority) and loans from banks/retailers.

Environment Canterbury also offers other support including subsidies for low-income households who meet certain criteria (limited to a certain budget per year), and temporary waivers for non-compliant burners for people facing difficult circumstances.

Where can I see a list of registered suppliers and accepted products?

Read our webpage dedicated to Healthier Homes Canterbury.

Where can I find out more details about Healthier Homes Canterbury?

Read our webpage dedicated to Healthier Homes Canterbury.

How to become a registered supplier

If you are interested in becoming a registered supplier for Healthier Homes Canterbury, please read the supporting documentation available below. If you have any questions, please email

Please note: applications to the Healthier Homes Canterbury scheme are currently on hold, and we are not processing any new supplier registration interest forms at this time. Refer to the update at the top of this page for more information.

Supporting documentation