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Climate change is not an easy or small topic. That’s why we have pooled resources, knowledge and expertise with local and regional councils across Canterbury, to share what we all know, and what we are all doing, with our communities. 

Our local ecosystems and communities are already affected by climate change. Future projections are for more intense storms, more frequent floods and droughts, sea level continuing to rise, changes in the seasonality of our rainfall, as well as fewer frosts and more hot days.

Learn what to expect


It’s time. We all need to know what to expect, so that we can all understand, prepare for and adapt to the climate change impacts Canterbury is likely to experience.

Environment Canterbury has led the development of the It’s time, Canterbury website, alongside Canterbury’s city and district councils. This new website is home to reputable information and resources on the topic of climate change, focusing right here at home in Canterbury.

Explore the pages of the It's time, Canterbury website to learn about what is projected, and for ideas on how we can each help lessen and adapt to the impacts of climate change. You can also pledge support, and sign up to get more information as it becomes available.

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