Changes to our biodiversity funding

Since the adoption of our Long-Term Plan for 2021-2031, we are working on some changes to our funding pathways for high value biodiversity projects. Contact us for more information.

Funding Biodiversity work is a priority for our Council and support for biodiversity outcomes is woven through many of our programmes.

Examples include our work with Papatipu Rūnanga on projects that deliver mahinga kai outcomes and wetlands programmes, and partnership projects such Braided River Aid(external link), the Avon-Heathcote Estuary Ihutai Trust(external link) and the Styx Living Laboratory Trust(external link).

We provide funding and in-kind support like technical advice for priority projects in northern, central and southern parts of the region, and continue to support projects that have received multi-year funding in the last few years.

Each of Canterbury’s water zone committees has a budget through the 2021-24 Long-Term Plan to support projects in their zones that help meet the CWMS targets and advance their Action Plans. Committees work with local Environment Canterbury teams and community groups to identify projects that fit within their Action Plan(external link). We also have a small contestable fund for community groups, the Waitaha Action to Impact Fund, which is available for groups leading biodiversity projects in their community.

Immediate Steps flagship projects

We support three biodiversity flagship projects – Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere enhancement project; enhancement of the upper catchments of the Rakaia and Rangitata rivers; and the Wainono Lagoon project

Looking for community support?

Information for community organisations seeking support from Environment Canterbury can be found on our Community support page.