Networking for the environment

The networking for the environment project is a series of networking events for people working for environmentally focused organisations in Greater Christchurch. The objective of these events is to create a space for sharing experiences, resources and tips for running a community based organisation.

Networking for the environment


Networking events

Networking event 1 - linking with government and liaising with Iwi

29 November 2016

Our inaugural event was attended by over 60 people representing community based organisations, government agencies and philanthropic organisations.

Invite and agenda

View the Networking for the Environment Invite (PDF File, 1.05MB) and Networking for the Environment Agenda (PDF File, 180.55KB).

The day focussed on sharing resources and information for linking with government, liaising with Iwi and capturing the collective knowledge of the group in an open and friendly environment. Participation by government agencies, Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu and Rata Foundation enabled one-on-one conversations with funders, as well as group discussions on how to improve communication between the various sectors. Here are the handouts provided:


One of the biggest benefits of the day was the opportunity to connect with colleagues and peers, according to feedback from participants.

The group identified access to technical information, people and resources including funding as common issues. They agreed that continued conversation is welcomed and future events are needed.

Here are the links to our summary notes document and post it session comments.

The idea of creating an ECO-hub or “bumping space” for people to interact on an informal, ongoing basis was the most cited suggestion from the day. This is a great concept and needs to be developed further. Please email if you have ideas on how to progress it and would like to be involved.

Networking event 2 - Let's explore creating an Environment Hub/Centre in greater Christchurch
Networking event 3 - What next ? The future of funding~~


3 August 2017

The day will focus on two topics:

  • Waterways Partnership - A proposed programme of behaviour change, education and awareness to improve water quality, waterway health and water use in Christchurch and Banks Peninsula.
  • Social enterprise - Exploring models and approaches

View the Networking for the environment invite Event - 3 August 2017 (PDF File, 203.67KB).

Networking for the environment

Proposed Events for 2017:

March/Apr- Eco-hub

June/July- Funding Expo

Oct/Nov- TBD