Our biodiversity work

Our yearly project snapshot provides an update on key achievements across our biodiversity programme, projects underway with the community and stakeholders, data and infographics, and case studies from across the region.

As the largest region in the country, Canterbury forms a significant part of New Zealand's unique network of biodiversity.

Working with landowners and the community, our biodiversity programme focuses on projects across the region that protect, maintain, and enhance our indigenous biodiversity.

Indigenous biodiversity continues to be negatively affected by humans and is in a state of decline across Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our main focus is protecting and maintaining what remains through:

  • action for priority ecosystems;
  • smart information and management;
  • working cooperatively with others;
  • and leading by example, whether that's through our land or our people.

These principles guide and inform how we initiate, develop, implement, and monitor biodiversity projects in Canterbury.

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