Regional Water Management Committee

The Regional Water Management Committee is made up of representatives from Environment Canterbury, territorial authorities, rūnanga and Ngāi Tahu, as well as one member from each of the zone committees.

The committee was established in 2010 to address regionally-significant water management issues such as infrastructure and environmental enhancement projects.

It is made up of: 

  • two Environment Canterbury appointments
  • three territorial authority appointments from each of north, mid and south Canterbury
  • a Christchurch City Council appointee
  • a Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu appointee
  • three rūnanga appointments from each of north, mid and south Canterbury
  • the chairs (or other member) of each zone committee
  • seven members selected from a number of sectors (fisheries; energy; environmental/biodiversity; primary production/agriculture; recreation; and regional development, including tourism).

The committee developed a Regional Implementation Programme in 2012, which is available here.

Committee meetings

Find out when the next Canterbury Water Regional Committee meeting is using our meeting calendar and find agendas in our document library via the link below.

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Andy Pearce

Andy brings broad governance and management experience to the Regional Committee. He has been involved with a diverse range of public and private-sector organizations including in the infrastructure sector, banking, publicly listed companies, research and development organizations, as well as the not-for-profit sector. Andy was founding Chief Executive Officer of Landcare Research in 1992 and sits on a number of boards including the Bank of New Zealand, Christchurch City Holdings, and the Hawke's Bay Regional Investment Company Ltd. Andy was involved in the development of the Canterbury Water Management Strategy in 2006 and 2007. He chaired the multi-stakeholder Stage III evaluation of water storage options for the Canterbury Strategic Water Study. He also has a deep interest in, and knowledge of, the sustainable management and use of water and energy resources. Andy has developed a global perspective through working in both developed and developing countries including Australia, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Iran and Pakistan.

Community members
Jane Demeter
Jane’s involvement in Canterbury rivers started at a young age on her family’s farm adjoining the Hurunui River near its mouth. Returning to New Zealand after years overseas, concern for the issues around the degradation of our waterways took her to a governance role as a Canterbury Regional Councillor. Responsibilities chairing Natural Hazards and Biodiversity have provided significant insight into regional issues and the competing interests around water. Professional expertise in offshore healthcare software development for multinationals has given her a broad business background and experience. She is involved in many community groups and volunteers with a stoat trapping/monitoring programme and a children’s conservation group.
Hugh Canard

Hugh Canard has been a member of the Regional Committee since its inception and is a member of its biodiversity and Ecosystems Working Group and Recreational Amenities Working Group. Hugh is manager of the groundwater processes group at Agritech and a keen outdoors enthusiast. Hugh is a passionate outdoor person with a particular interest in kayaking, he’s been a member of the Canterbury kayaking fraternity for many years. It was this interest, alongside a commitment to collaborative planning processes, which sparked his engagement with the Regional Committee.

Vicky Southworth

Vicky has more than 15 years’ experience working within the environmental sector, initially working as an engineering geologist on quarry and landfill projects, contaminated land redevelopment and road schemes. Subsequently she worked as a policy planner where she saw first-hand the benefit of early stakeholder engagement. More recently she has returned to university to study water resources. Since moving to Christchurch, Vicky has become an active community gardener, helped to instigate a school’s edible garden, and supports planting days for local biodiversity projects.

Ross Millichamp

Ross is a past regional manager of the North Canterbury Fish and Game Council and he has had a long involvement with environmental and fisheries management. Ross has been involved with the Canterbury management team of the Ballance Farm Environment Awards and the Ministry for the Environment National Policy Statement Freshwater Management Working Group. Ross is a keen hunter, fisher, boatie, aviator and freelance writer/photographer for outdoor recreation publications.

Nicky Hyslop

Nicky Hyslop farms on 220 hectares in South Canterbury. Since moving to their farm in 1997 Nicky and her husband have converted the property to spray irrigation. The farm is operated as an intensive sheep, beef, deer and arable property. Nicky is a Director of Opuha Water Ltd, Chair of Irrigation New Zealand and Vice Chair of the Timaru District Economic Development Board.

Cole Groves

Cole Groves is a contract milker in Mayfield, South Canterbury. Cole has been on the national board of New Zealand Young Farmer and was Chairman for two of those years. Cole is also a previous grand finalist in the New Zealand Young farmer contest.

Te Rūnanga o Ngai Tahu appointment
  • Rebecca Clements
Rūnanga representatives
  • North Canterbury - currently vacant
  • Mid Canterbury – Riki Lewis
  • South Canterbury – David Higgins
Council appointments
  • Sara Templeton — Christchurch City Council
  • Winton Dalley — North Canterbury district councils
  • Sam Broughton — Mid Canterbury district councils
  • Peter McIlraith — South Canterbury district councils
Zone representatives
  • Kaikōura – Matthew Hoggard
  • Hurunui-Waiau – Michele Hawke
  • Waimakariri – Carolyne Latham
  • Banks Peninsula - Fiona Nicol
  • Christchurch-West Melton – Lance Kenyon
  • Selwyn-Waihora – Karaitiana Taiuru
  • Ashburton – Ben Curry
  • Orari-Temuka-Opihi-Pareora – John Talbot
  • Upper Waitaki – Sandra Hamnpstead-Tipene
  • Lower Waitaki-South Coastal Canterbury – Sandra Hamnpstead-Tipene
Government observers
  • Murray Doak
  • Nick Vincent
  • Alistair Humphrey
Environment Canterbury appointments
  • Claire MacKay
  • Peter Scott

Useful contacts

Lesley Woudberg — facilitator     027 706 4273

Annual Flagship Reports 2016/2017

The committee has published annual flagship reports on four main projects on key achievements for this year and progress on the overall programme.