Make a positive difference

Waterways can recover; however it takes a sustained effort over many years. Working together we can make a positive difference. Every bit helps — even small things make a difference.

What can you do at home?

Wash your car on your lawn and not on a paved area so detergent and oil will drain into the soil and not the stormwater network. If you are doing DIY painting, wash your paint brushes in the laundry tub, which is connected to the wastewater system, so the wash water doesn’t go through the stormwater drains and into our waterways.

When doing improvements around your home and garden, consider things like permeable paving, rain gardens or rain tanks to help reduce stormwater runoff from your property. Periodically remove any leaf litter or other organic material from the street channel in front of your property. And next time your car needs new brakepads, ask for copper-free ones.

Watch this short video to find out more.

Be a stormwater superhero – ask for copper-free brake pads!

Most of the brake pads fitted to our vehicles contain copper and other heavy metals.  Each time a car brakes, tiny particles of dust from the brake pads grind down, landing on the road.  When it rains, these particles are then washed into the gutters and through the stormwater system where they flow into our rivers and lakes.  This can have lethal impacts on urban water quality and aquatic life.

Next time you are changing the brake pads on your vehicle ask for a quote for a copper-free option.  It could make a world of difference for minimal cost!

Find out more about the effects of copper on our water quality.

Cooper in brake pads effecting waterquality