Hurunui SPLASH

Welcome to Hurunui SPLASH, a project to improve water quality and infrastructure around popular freshwater swimming sites in the Hurunui Waiau zone.

Dog Stream Hurunui

Better swim sites for residents and tourists

Hurunui SPLASHThe Hurunui SPLASH project started in 2018, supported by the Hurunui Waiau Water Zone Committee.

Four swimming sites have been improved since then.

  • Balmoral Recreation Reserve, north of the Hurunui River SH7 bridge
  • Riverside Reserve on the Waiau township side of the Waiau Uwha River
  • Waitohi River
  • Dog Stream in Hanmer.

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Where can I find these swimming holes?

Click on the maps below to see location coordinates and directions to the swimming holes. The swimming holes are marked with a red circle. 

Balmoral Reserve Swimming Hole LocationBalmoral Reserve Swimming Hole Location.
Waiau Uwha Swimming Hole LocationWaiau Uwha Swimming Hole Location.
Waitohi River Swimming Hole LocationWaitohi River Swimming Hole Location.
Dog Stream Swimming HoleDog Stream Swimming Hole.