Wai We Care: Northern zones

Zone committee members discuss what it means to them to be part of local water management.

Northern water zones

  • Waimakariri
  • Kaikōura
  • Hurunui (known as the Water and Land Committee)

Northern zones spokesperson and Waimakariri Water Zone Committee member, Martha Jolly, speaks about how protecting indigenous biodiversity and making a difference to the outcomes we are seeing in freshwater in the zone, inspired her to join her local water zone committee.

Martha Jolly Waimakariri Water Zone Committee member


Martha Jolly – Waimakariri Water Zone Committee member

Martha joined the Waimakariri Water Zone Committee after studying water resource management and becoming more aware of the impacts and threats on our fresh water.

“I joined because I am passionate about protecting indigenous biodiversity, while allowing for economic needs, recreation, and cultural requirements.

“Working with stakeholders and having different points of view on the committee helps give the community a voice,” Martha said.

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Desiree Bolton Kaikoura Water Zone Committee member


Desiree Bolton– Kaikōura Water Zone Committee member

Desiree joined the Kaikōura Water Zone Committee to further her contribution to protect the environment and improve sustainability in the Kaikōura area.

“I want to help protect the special environment we have in this area, so it’s cherished and guarded for generations to come.

“I think that Kaikōura dairy farmers need to have a presence on the water zone committee, so there is a balanced voice representing the community,” Desiree said .

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