Action in the zone

We've agreed on several areas of priority for the Orari Temuka Opihi Pareora water zone. Read about some of our current projects on this page.

Kakahu volunteers survey river landscape

Members of Kakahu Catchment Group on a tour of farms adjacent to the river, in 2016

Catchment groups

Catchment groups are made up of volunteers from the community who live around a particular river and its tributaries and share an interest in protecting the quality of the water and natural environment.

There are eight catchment groups in the Orari Temuka Opihi Pareora water zone, established as part of the Landcare Trust Working for Opihi Water Project.

They meet five or six times a year to learn about local waterways from the perspectives of both science and culture and to share information among participants.

More information on the Landcare Trust Working for Opihi Water Project: a map of catchment group boundaries and details on upcoming meetings.

Washdyke taskforce

A multi-agency taskforce was set up in June 2016 to identify and coordinate actions to improve the health of the Waitarakao Washdyke environment.

An action plan it developed was endorsed by the Orari Temuka Opihi Pareora water zone committee in October 2016. 

Read more about the Washdyke taskforce.

Practical work plan

The water zone committee will make a number of recommendations to Environment Canterbury about both practical actions that can be taken and new policies and rules that can be put into the Canterbury Land and Water Regional Plan (LWRP) as part of the Orari Temuka Opihi Pareora Healthy Catchments Project.

These recommendations are due in mid-2017

In the interim, the zone delivery team for Orari Temuka Opihi Pareora is implementing a practical work plan incorporating several actions that we know will make a difference right now and are likely to be well-aligned to any future recommendations.

These practical actions include:

  • addressing know nitrogen hotspots in the catchment
  • supporting farmers in the Kakahu catchment to address issues with sediment loss
  • working with industry in the Washdyke area to reduce stormwater impacts on Waitarakao/Washdyke Lagoon
  • targeting consent monitoring to areas where there are known water quality issues.
volunteers assess orari river water quality

Volunteers monitoring water quality in the Orari River, 2016.

Meet your zone delivery team 

We deliver work related to zone committee recommendations through on-the-ground zone delivery teams made up of Environment Canterbury staff. 

Those working in Orari Temuka Opihi Pareora are:

  • Chris Eccleston — Zone Manager
  • Michael Nolan — Incident Response Officer
  • Ray Hermens — Incident Response Officer
  • Scott MacMillan — Resource Management Officer
  • Hannah Duncum — Resource Management Officer
  • Vacant— Biodiversity Officer
  • Brian Reeves — Zone Delivery Lead Southern
  • Rhys Taylor — Community Engagement Co-ordinator
  • Jessica Bond — Land Management Advisor.

Talk to us

Chris Eccleston— Zone Manager   027 562 2492

Janine Roux — Zone Committee Facilitator  027 359 3426

Brad Waldon-Gibbons — Tangata Whenua Facilitator     027 313 4786