Flood Hazard Assessments

A significant portion of the Canterbury region is at risk of flooding from rivers, local runoff or coastal overtopping. We provide site-specific flooding assessments for most areas, which may relate to property transactions, subdivision, valuations, insurance, resource consent applications and plan changes.

What is included in a Flood Hazard Assessment?

Information will vary depending on what we hold for the property location, but may include:

  • historic flood information including maps and photographs
  • potential sources and extent of flooding
  • expected flood frequency (return period)
  • results of floodplain modelling including the depth, level and velocity of floodwaters
  • advice on the location of new buildings and recommended floor levels
  • information on coastal flooding and coastal erosion.

In some areas, your district council may require a Flood Hazard Assessment to accompany your application for a building consent. If you are requesting an assessment for a building consent, please attach a map, grid reference or accurate description of the proposed building location, which you can find using Canterbury Maps. Maps and other relevant information can also be sent in via post, fax or email.

Flood Hazard Assessments take up to 10 working days to process and a $172.50 fee applies (GST inclusive).
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