Making sure our land is fit to live on

For your health and well-being, it’s important you know whether your property may have been affected by chemicals or hazardous substances from previous uses. Since 2008, all regional councils around New Zealand have been tasked with identifying land that may be affected. 

As more land is developed for residential purposes, it’s important to know the location of sites that may have been home to industries that traditionally used hazardous chemicals. They might be businesses such as market gardens, orchards, sheep dips, landfill sites, timber treatment areas, dry cleaners or service stations. Sometimes the chemicals used on these sites have ended up in the soil and can affect the land for many years after the activity has ended.

We have prepared several fact sheets and technical reports so you can find out everything you need to know.

Potentially contaminated land

Land is considered contaminated when hazardous substances are found that could pose a threat to human health and/ or the environment.

Listed land use register

We can provide advice on what you should do if your property is found to be contaminated.