Floodplain management strategies

It is our ongoing role to work with the public, territorial authorities and other organisations to develop floodplain management plans and strategies for various catchments throughout the region.

Despite considerable investment in structural flood control works, a trend of increasing flood losses has been recognised on Canterbury’s floodplains.

This shows us that full reliance on structural measures such as stopbanks to prevent flood damages is unrealistic and not cost effective. Therefore, we have created a series of floodplain management strategies.

The purpose of the strategies is to link structural measures in the river with non-structural land-use management of the floodplain and other public education measures.

The outcome is a series of documents that highlight a range of planning measures as well as flood warnings, public awareness of flooding and civil defence that combine to help reduce the impacts of large floods on the Canterbury community.

You can find further information on our floodplain management reports and investigations page.