Canterbury Pest Management Strategy

Environment Canterbury is responsible for providing regional leadership in pest management in the Canterbury region through our biosecurity programme. Its approach to pest management is driven primarily by the Canterbury Regional Pest Management Strategy 2011-2015 and the Biosecurity Act 1993.

The Canterbury Regional Pest Management Strategy provides a framework for the efficient and effective management of pest plants and animals in Canterbury. The current plan was adopted by Council on 23 June 2011 following a mid-point review that involved consultation with local pest liaison committees, stakeholders and the wider Canterbury community. This strategy has been extended until 30 June 2017.

Plan review

Environment Canterbury is undertaking a full review of the Canterbury Regional Pest Management Strategy 2011-2015, as required by the Biosecurity Act Amendments 2012.

The plan must align with the Ministry of Primary Industries' National Policy Direction for Pest Management and ensure that pest management in Canterbury is more future-focused, effective and efficient, better positioning ourselves to meet the future needs of the community.

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