Wetland protection work

We work with landowners and the community to protect, preserve and restore wetlands across Canterbury.

Key wetland projects

Greenburn wetland

Greenburn wetland

The Greenburn wetland has established bullrush/raupō, at-risk threatened plant species, and habitat that is perfect for native flora and fauna.

Read more about the Greenburn project. 

Hapuku Scarp Wetland

Hāpuku Scarp wetland

Totalling more than 10 hectares, the Hapuku Scarp wetland is one of the best examples of a bush and scarp wetland in the South Island, with some of New Zealand’s southernmost tawa and black maire trees.

Read more about the Hāpuku Scarp project.  

Mill Road wetland

Mill Road wetland

Wetland habitat has been fenced off along Lyell Creek/Waikōau with additional springs and overland flow paths protected.

Read more about the Mill Road project.

Montegues wetland

Montegues wetland

This project aims to enhance and invest in freshwater quality on farm, while allowing business continuity.

Read more about the Montegues project.

Mt Fyffe farm

Mt Fyffe Farm wetland

The mānuka-dominant wetland hosts ‘swamp astelia’, which is uncommon on New Zealand’s East Coast.

Read more about the Mt Fyffe project

Nagari wetland

Nagari wetland

More than 1800 plants, planted across more than a decade, are creating an ecological haven for native species.

Read more about the Nagari project

Manuka swamp

Okuku Downs wetland

Funding has been allocated to support the protection of a red tussock swamp wetland at Okuku Downs in the Lees Valley hill country.

Read more about the Okuku Downs project.

Otipua Wetland

Otipua wetland

The Otipua wetland is part of ongoing project in the Otipua-Saltwater Creek catchment.

Read more about the Otipua project.

Oxford wetland Miles Bush

Oxford wetland project

Environment Canterbury and the QEII Trust are working together with a landowner to help with land retirement, fencing, weed control and planting to enhance an important ecological habitat near Oxford.

Read more about the Oxford project.

Richon wetland

Richon wetland

The Richon wetland project in Lees Valley aims to protect and restore indigenous flora and fauna by excluding farmed livestock and feral deer.

Read more about the Richon project.

The Pines wetland

The Pines wetland

The Pines Wetland in the Tūhaitara Coastal Park in North Canterbury is around 44 hectares and is a focus for the Te Kōhaka o Tūhaitara Trust to protect and restore.

Read more about The Pines project.

Waiau wetland

Waiau wetland

This project, part of NZ Landcare Trust's Managing Wetlands as Farm Assets programme, shows the range of benefits a wetland can offer the farming system, environment, and community.

Read more about the Waiau project.

Washpen wetland

Washpen wetland

A planting and fencing project has enhanced one of the main tributaries to Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere.

Learn more about Te Waihora.

Te Ahuriri

Whakaora Te Ahuriri

A landmark wetland project has created a new habitat for native plants and animals as part of the Te Waihora / Lake Ellesmere Co-Governance programme.

Read more about the Whakaora Te Ahuriri project.

View progress updates on the restoration of Te Ahuriri lagoon.

Watch a video about this stunning and culturally significant area of Aotearoa.

Recent wetland news

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Wetland targets and progress