Fulton Hogan Ltd - proposed Roydon Quarry

Environment Canterbury and Selwyn District Council has received an application to establish a new quarry (Roydon Quarry) between Curraghs, Dawsons, Maddisons and Jones Road, Templeton.


The joint hearing of the applications will commence:

Week One

  • Monday 18 November – Friday 22 November 2019 from 9.00am -5.00pm in the Pearce Lounge, West Melton Community Centre, 1163 West Coast Road, West Melton.

Week Two

  • Monday 2 December – Thursday 5th December 2019 from 9.00am -5.00pm in ‘The Ballroom’, Wigram Base Hotel, 14 Henry Wigram Drive, Christchurch

Week Three

  • Monday 9 December – Thursday 12th December 2019 from 9.00am -5.00pmin the ‘Phar Lap Room’, Riccarton Park (Racecourse), 165 Racecourse Road, Christchurch

For any queries regarding the hearing please contact Alison Cooper, Consents Hearings Officer at Hearings@ecan.govt.nz or call 027 5497661.


Resource Management Act 1991

The Canterbury Regional Council and Selwyn District Council have received an application from Fulton Hogan Limited for various resource consents to establish an aggregate quarry (known as ‘Roydon Quarry’) at the site within the Selwyn District bounded by Curraghs Road, Dawsons Road, Madisons Road and Jones Road, Canterbury, legally identified as: Rural Section 6475 and Rural Section 6324; Lot 1 Deposited Plan 4031; Rural Section 6342; Section 7 Survey Office Plan 510345, and Rural Section 5381 and Section 6 Survey Office Plan 510345

The proposed quarry will generally involve topsoil stripping, bund formation, aggregate extraction to a depth of approximately ten metres below ground level and rehabilitation of the site with cleanfill, overburden and topsoil material. From extraction areas, aggregate material will be transferred by field conveyers and dump trucks to on-site processing plant, which will involve crushing, screening and washing of aggregates. The use of a mobile processing plant is also proposed.

Other activities that are proposed to occur on site include stockpiling of aggregates, wash water ponds, workshops, staff amenity blocks and offices, along with the management of adverse effects such as bunding and screen planting, as well as dust mitigation. Dedicated accesses for heavy and light vehicles will be created off Jones Road, and improvements to Jones Road are proposed, including two options for a roundabout near the intersection of Jones and Dawsons Roads.

Fulton Hogan Ltd have also applied to use water taken pursuant to existing resource consent CRC182422, for the purposes of aggregate washing and dust suppression. Fulton Hogan Ltd have sought a change to the conditions of resource consent CRC182442 to enable this additional use (and a change to Condition 5c). However, it may, in fact, require a new "use" permit to sit alongside CRC182442. Accordingly, a new use permit has been applied for as an alternative to the application under section 127 of the RMA to change the conditions of CRC182442. Either way, the status of the activity (being a different use of water) is discretionary regardless of whether the outcome is achieved by way of a change of conditions or a new resource consent for the use of water.

The applicant has applied for the following resource consents from:

Canterbury Regional Council

  • CRC192408 – A land use consent to excavate material.
  • CRC192409 – A land use consent to deposit cleanfill over an unconfined/semi-confined aquifer.
  • CRC192410 – A discharge permit to discharge contaminants into air from an industrial or trade premise or process.
  • CRC192411 – A discharge permit to discharge contaminants into land where it may enter water from an industrial or trade process within the Selwyn-Te Waihora sub-region.
  • CRC192412 – A discharge permit to discharge stormwater into land where contaminants may enter groundwater.
  • CRC192413 – A discharge permit to discharge contaminants into land where contaminants may enter groundwater associated with the deposition of cleanfill for site rehabiliatation.
  • CRC192414 – A water permit to use water for aggregate washing and dust suppression, either as a change to the conditions of resource consent CRC182422 or a new water permit to use water.

Selwyn District Council

RC185627 - A land use consent for gravel extraction and processing operations within the Inner Plains zone.

An unlimited consent duration is sought for all land use consents, and a consent duration of 35 years is sought for the discharge permits. The proposed expiry date for the water permit is 1 July 2032, which is the same expiry date as the existing water permit (CRC182422).


Update to the number of submissions received

We’ve now received a final total of 454 submissions, of which 354 oppose the application. 177 submitters have stated they want to be heard in support of their submission at the hearing.

Due to the high level of public interest in this application, we’ve made the submissions publicly available and you can find them sorted alphabetically below.

However, personal or commercially sensitive information contained in submissions has been redacted to protect the interests of submitters.

For similar reasons, where submissions contain a substantial level of personal or commercial information, these submissions have not been published.’

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Submissions O
Submissions U
Submissions V
S92 Response – Post Notification
In addition to the further information requested by Environment Canterbury and Selwyn DC, Fulton Hogan provided additional information about a historical livestock pen on the site, in response to questions raised by Environment Canterbury’s contaminated land expert at the site visit. The information was submitted via email, with attachments.
Minutes and Memos
Applicants Evidence

Document updates

The evidence of Kevin Bligh - Project and consent conditions - has been updated as of 12.50pm on 24 September 2019 to include Annexure B - consent conditions. Annexure B was not attached to the original uploaded document.

The evidence of R Cudmore - Air Quality has been updated as of 9.00am on 25 September 2019. The annexures have been replaced with the correct version.

Applicants evidence
A Jorgensen 30 October 2019 Equine Health
A Jorgensen Summary Statement - Equine Health
A Metherell - Traffic effects
A Metherell - Transport
A Metherell Summary Statement - Transport
A Wagenaar - Human Health
A Wagenaar 30 October 2019- Potential Risk to Human Health
A Wagenaar of L Wickham evidence
A Wagenaar Summary Statement - Human Health
B Dawson - Victoria Guidelines on Separation Distances
B Dawson Summary statement - Victoria Guidelines on separation distances
Bruce Dawson - Separation Distances
C Stewart - Fulton Hogan Ltd
Craig Stewart Summary statement - Fulton Hogan and Site Selection
D Chittock
D Chittock - Fulton Hogan Ltd
D Chittock - 30 October 2019
D Chittock Summary Statement - Consultation and Project
D Compton-Moen - Landscape and Visual final
D Compton-Moen 30 October 2019- landscape
Dave Compton-Moen - Landscape
David Compton-Moen summary statement - Landscape and visual
E Van Nieuwkerk - water quality and water use
E Van Nieuwkerk Summary Statement - Water Quality and Water Use
Eric van Nieuwkerk - Groundwater
J Farren - 30 October 2019 - noise
J Farren - Noise
J Farren - Noise
J Farren Summary Statement - Noise
J Kyle - Planning
J Kyle - Statutory Planning Assessment
J Kyle Summary statement - Planning
K Bligh Summary statement -Project and consent conditions
K Bligh Summary statement -Project and consent conditions Annexure A Conditions
K Bligh Summary statement -Project and consent conditions Annexure B Roydon Spill Management Plan
K Bligh Summary statement -Project and consent conditions Annexure C Roydon Stormwater Management Plan
Kelvyn Jolly - Fulton Hogan Ltd quarry operations
Kelvyn Jolly - quarry operations
Kelvyn Jolly Summary statement -Operations
Kevin Bligh - Project and Conditions
Kevin Bligh - Project and consent conditions
Legal Submissions for Fulton Hogan
M Chilton - Aggregate Demand and Supply
M Chilton - Aggregate Demand and Supply final
M Chilton summary statement - Aggregate Demand and Supply
M Copeland - Economics
M Copeland - Economics
M Copeland Summary Statement - Economics
N C Eldred -Groundwater
N C Eldred Summary Statement - Groundwater
R Cudmore - Air Quality
R Cudmore summary statement Air Quality
Rebuttal Evidence of Kevin Bligh - 30 October 2019
Roger Cudmore - Air Quality
Roger Cudmore 30 October 2019 - Air Quality
Roger Cudmore to Louise Wickham Evidence
Supplementary Rebuttal Evidence of Victor Mthamo - 30 October 2019
T Kelly - Transport Review
V Mthamo Summary Statement - Rehabilitation
Victor Mthamo - Rehabilitation
Victor Mthamo - Rehabilitation

Hearing evidence~~
Audio recordings