Track closed on Pūkaki-Tākapo River

A main access track along the Pūkaki - Tākapo/Tekapo River is closed following significant landslips.

The track is near the delta of the Ōhau, Waitaki and Pūkaki - Tākapo rivers, and will be closed indefinitely.

Warning tape on either side of the slips will be replaced with semi-permanent deterrents on the week of 26 September 2022.

Our rivers team said many people use the track as a shortcut from the Haldon Arm campground to Twizel and the surrounding areas during the high-country fishing season.

People may still be able to cross at the existing 4WD-only track directly out from the Haldon Arm campground below the power pylons.

However, it is important to understand that, after the recent flooding and heavy rain, the condition of that track isn’t known. Caution is advised.

People travelling to or from Twizel from the Haldon Arm Campground would be best to go via Haldon Road and Dog Kennel Corner onto SH8.

Recreational users or contractors should access the true right bank of the Pūkaki - Tākapo River from the Haldon Arm Campground or from the Tākapo power station end.

There is track damage near the Pūkaki spillway that would otherwise allow access. 

The two landslips were likely caused by ground saturation from heavy rain throughout July and August.

The track is within the Upper Waitaki river rating district and is widely used during fishing and camping seasons.