Canterbury transport plans

Canterbury Regional Transport Plan 2021-31Canterbury Regional Land Transport Plan

The Canterbury Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP) guides land transport planning and investment within the region.

It sets out:

  • the current state of the region’s transport network
  • priorities for investment
  • a 10-year programme.

The Regional Land Transport Plan 2021-31 was prepared by the Regional Transport Committee and adopted by the Environment Canterbury Regional Council. It takes effect on 1 July, 2021 and is reviewed in 2024, but may be changed by variation before then.


Cover Regional Public Transport PlanCanterbury Regional Public Transport Plan

The Canterbury Regional Public Transport Plan is a legislative document that sets out Environment Canterbury’s objectives and policies for delivering public transport in Canterbury.

It describes the services that we propose to provide in the future to meet the needs of new and existing customers and the policies which those services will operate by.

It also explains how we will work in partnership with operators and territorial authorities in the region.