Types of support

Understand the different types of support for environmental projects, and how to apply for them.  

Waitaha Action to Impact Fund

The Waitaha Action to Impact Fund is a contestable fund for community organisations in Canterbury. The fund aims to build community engagement and action for a better environment in the region. 

Find more in the Waitaha Action to Impact Fund Guide, the guide will help you assess whether your organisation is eligible for funding, and the key criteria for applications.

Community event assistance

If you would like support for an event/hui, conference, workshop, field day or volunteer event please complete the online Community Event Assistance form.  

Type of assistance 

You can use the form to request financial support or non-financial support such as technical advice/services, use of resources or equipment.  

We may be able to help you with:  

  • project planning 
  • technical advice 
  • staff assistance with project activities 
  • equipment, transport, use of our facilities 
  • assistance with the promotion of your project/event.  

The way we can provide support varies from project to project so we don’t have a standard application process. 

Other funding

If your project or event doesn’t meet the criteria for funding from the Waitaha Action to Impact Fund or Community Event Assistance, there are some other options.

We may still be able to provide support for projects that make a contribution to one of our work programmes, such as:

  • Accelerating regeneration of the natural environment
  • Community engagement and action, building capacity
  • Restoration and rejuvenation of mahinga kai sites
  • Protecting habitats of endangered or threatened species
  • Protecting priority biodiversity sites
  • Riparian planting and improved water quality
  • Strengthening our relationship with Ngāi Tahu.

You may also seek funding through the Annual Plan or Long-Term Plan by asking the Council to allocate funding to your project. Any revenue needed would likely be raised through rates in consultation with the public, with the final decision made by the Council.

Contact our Community Partnerships Coordinator to find out more, details below.

Contact us

If you are already working with a staff member on an existing project, get in touch with that staff member. 

If you are considering asking for funding for the first time or for a new project then please contact Alison Bower, Community Partnerships Coordinator     027 242 9341     alison.bower@ecan.govt.nz