Change 1 to Chapter 6 of the Canterbury Regional Policy Statement

The Minister for the Environment, the Hon David Parker, approved Change 1 to Chapter 6 of the Canterbury Regional Policy Statement (CRPS) under the Streamlined Planning Process on 28 May 2021. The changes were made operative on 28 July 2021.

 View the Minister’s decision, amended provisions, and all documents related to Change 1 to Chapter 6.

About the changes

Change 1 to Chapter 6 of the CRPS identifies new urban housing development areas in Rolleston, Rangiora and Kaiapoi on Map A (PDF file, 109.62KB). It adds associated policy provisions to enable Selwyn and Waimakariri District Councils to consider rezoning land within these areas through their district planning processes, if required, to meet shortfalls in housing capacity.

Progress bar set to plan operative 

Current stage 


Change 1 to Chapter 6 of the Canterbury Regional Policy Statement was made operative on 28 July 2021. The changes now form part of the operative CRPS.

Download the full Canterbury Regional Policy Statement (PDF file, 3.56MB).

Previous stages

1. Streamlined Planning Process

In April 2020, the Minister for the Environment directed us to enter the Streamlined Planning Process (PDF File, 38.03KB) for this change.

In August 2020, the Minister granted us a six-month extension to publicly notify the proposed change to the CRPS (PDF File, 148.32KB).

Notice of the amendment to the Minister’s direction (PDF File, 32.08KB) has been published in the New Zealand Gazette. 

The streamlined planning process was introduced through amendments to the RMA in April 2017. It is a Minister-directed process intended to give flexibility in plan-making processes and timeframes.

Using a streamlined planning process has the potential to reduce the time and cost associated with implementing changes to RMA plans, with fewer mandatory process steps and limited scope for appeals.

2. Consultation
The Minister’s Direction includes pre-notification consultation with Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu (the iwi authority) and Ngāi Tūāhuriri. This was undertaken in May-June 2020.
4. Submissions

Public notification of the Proposed Change provided an opportunity for anyone who wished to comment to do so by making a written submission. The period for written submissions was open from Saturday 16 January until Monday 15 February 2021.

A total of 54 written submissions were received. These can be viewed in full below.

A summary of written submissions (PDF file, 1.19MB) and the Council’s response to individual submission points has also been prepared. This is available ordered by theme/provision (PDF file,1.19MB) or by submitter (PDF file, 1.17MB).

5. Report
The final step under the Minister’s Direction is the submission of a written recommendations report, showing how submissions have been considered and the changes recommended to the proposed planning instrument. The report must be provided, together with all other documents required by clause 83(1) of Schedule 1 of the Resource Management Act, for the Minister’s consideration, no later than 30 working days after the close of submissions.

On 28 March the Council submitted its written recommendations report and other required documents to the Minister for consideration. In accordance with the Minister’s Direction, the draft recommendations report was peer reviewed by an independent commissioner. The commissioner’s comments were then addressed or incorporated into the final report.
Links to reports
6. Minister's decision

The Minister for the Environment has approved Proposed Change 1 to Chapter 6 of the CRPS.


Background information

 Our Space 2018–2048: Greater Christchurch Settlement Pattern Update Whakahāngai O Te Hōrapa Nohoanga 

This is a targeted change that implements an action in Our Space 2018–2048: Greater Christchurch Settlement Pattern Update Whakahāngai O Te Hōrapa Nohoanga and gives effect to the National Policy Statement on Urban Development 2020.

Our Space 2018–2048 identified that housing development capacity in Selwyn and Waimakariri is potentially not sufficient to meet demand over the medium and long-term.

A targeted change to the CRPS was identified as part of the proposed planning response. Wider and longer-term urban development issues will be considered as part of a scheduled full review of the CRPS in the next four years.