Waimakariri River flood protection at McIntoshs bend

The Waimakariri and Kaiapoi River stopbanks protect Kaiapoi township and the surrounding area from flooding. They are part of the Waimakariri-Eyre-Cust flood protection system which is maintained by us.

In the 1960s, riverbank rock armour was installed to prevent erosion and stopbank breach on this very sharp bend. Over the years the river narrowed, and a deep scour hole developed, increasing erosion vulnerability.

Completed work

Completed in October 2021, the rock works strengthen existing rock protection around McIntoshs bend and add additional rock protection along the lower Kaiapoi River and adjacent stopbank. 

The car park has been upgraded and a new toilet block has been installed, with 5000 native plants also planted in the area.

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McIntoshs car park

The new McIntoshs bend car park

 McIntosh toilet block

The new toilet block featuring images of our native birds

wetland enhancement and stopbank armouring.

Wetland enhancement and stopbank armouring

McIntoshs bend

McIntoshs bend: riverbank and stopbank rock armouring, with view towards the mouth of the Waimakariri River at the Kaiapoi River confluence