River flow data

Flood protection and drainage works scaled back due to COVID19 alert level 4
Now that we are in Alert level 4, Environment Canterbury has scaled back all non-essential flood protection and drainage work in our riverbeds. We will be completing works that protect life, homes and critical infrastructure only. All of our flood prediction tools, rain gauges, and river flow gauges will continue to operate as an Essential Service. If you have any questions about works in your area please contact floodbylaw@ecan.govt.nz

We record water levels at 155 river and lake sites in Canterbury, from the Clarence River/Waiau Toa in the north to the Waitaki River in the south. We measure river flow at 132 of these sites and this information is combined with water level data to produce continuous flow records. We report this alongside data from 19 other sites recorded by partner agencies such as the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research and Christchurch City Council.

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Please note that this river flow information is raw data only and may contain inaccuracies and therefore cannot be relied upon for determining flow restrictions.

Please note Times below are in NZ Standard Time. During Daylight Saving Time please add one hour.

River flow information sent to your phone as a text message
Daily river flow information can be sent to your mobile. The cost is 30 cents per message, charged by your carrier, not Environment Canterbury. Note: This river flow information is not to be used for resource consent compliance purposes.

How to receive text messages in 3 simple steps

1. Look up the short code for the river you want (see list below)

2. Text "RV" (for river), a space and then the short code to phone number ECAN (3226).

For example, send RV CLAR to ECAN for information on the Clarence River. Remember to include the space between "RV" and the short code!

3. You will receive the information in a text message.

Northern Region Short Text Codes
Northern Region Rivers Short code to txt  








Hurunui at Mandamus


Hurunui at SH 1

Waipara RV WAIP  
Okuku RV OKUK  
Ashley at Lees Valley RV ASHL  
Ashley Gorge RV ASHG  
Ashley at Rangiora RV ASHR  
Waimakariri at Esk RV WAIME  
Waimakariri at Gorge RV WAIMG  
Waimakariri at Old Highway Bridge RV WAIMO  
Cust Main Drain RV CUST  
Selwyn at Whitecliffs RV SELWW  
Selwyn at Ridgens Road RV SELWR  
Selwyn at Coes Ford RV SELWC  
Rakaia RV RAKA  
Kaituna RV KAIT  
Southern Region Short Text Codes 
Southern Region Rivers Short code to txt  

North Ashburton


South Ashburton



Ashburton at SH 1





Temuka RV TEMU  
North Opuha RV OPUHN  
South Opuha RV OPUHS  
Opuha RV OPUHA  
Opihi at Rockwood RV OPIHR  
Opihi at Saleyards RV OPIHS  
Opihi at SH 1 RV OPIHI  
Tengawai RV TENG  
Pareora RV PARE  
Waihao RV WAIH  
Hakataramea RV HAKA  
Ohau RV OHAU  
Tekapo RV TEKA  
Ahuriri RV AHUR  
Omarama RV OMAR  
Waitaki RV WAIT  
Maerewhenua RV MAER