Giant map defines on-demand public transport need

A giant, interactive map of Timaru is proving popular as Environment Canterbury continues its on-demand public transport engagement events in Timaru.

At last weekend’s Sustainability Festival, 60 people took part in an exercise to map their travel, including any journeys they would like to make using the new service.

Isabelle Bromham, Environment Canterbury’s public transport community engagement advisor, said that the mapping exercise is a great way to start conversations with people about the service.

“We ask people to plot on the map their departure and destination points, including places they would like to travel to. People who currently use the bus mark their bus trips and end destinations, while those who don’t use public transport identify where they would like the on-demand service to take them,” she said.

Isabelle Bromham said Environment Canterbury will use the map results to identify popular spots, including those which may benefit from infrastructure such as a Freephone to order the service.

Stay connected

She and her team have several community and workplace presentations coming up.

“We keep our Facebook page up to date with our public events, and we are more than happy to come along and talk to groups about the on-demand public transport service and how it will work. People can arrange a visit by contacting Isabelle on 027 275 1966.”

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