Report an environmental incident on Snap, Send, Solve

Have you spotted a pit of rubbish on fire? Seen a sizeable sheen of oil in a stream? Noticed chemicals spilt on the roadside? Report it so we can sort it!

If an environmental incident seems time critical, call our incident hotline on 0800 765 588 (24 hours), or report it using the Snap Send Solve app from your mobile phone.

Snap Send Solve. Report an environmental incident.

Find out more about the Snap Send Solve app

Snap Send Solve app

Snap Send Solve is a smartphone app that makes reporting incidents easy. It uses your phone's location to provide an accurate address and can capture photos to help us to identify and investigate the issue.

It’s important to also leave contact information in case we need more information from you, making it more likely we can do something meaningful about the issue.

Your information is protected, and you can remain anonymous (we would just need your email address or phone number).

Download the app for your Apple or Android phone, or file a report now.