Recycling farm plastics in Kaikōura

Burning or burying farm plastics can cause ongoing issues for the environment, human health, and future generations of farmers.

We understand it can be difficult to know what to do with farm plastics, so this information is to help you know how you can do the right thing by recycling your farm plastic in Kaikōura.

Why recycling farm plastic is important

Open burning or burying of farm plastics can lead to the release of many air pollutants and hazardous by-products, including heavy metals, dioxins, and furans.

This can affect the health of you and your family, and can contaminate soil, waterways, or food sources.

Recovery systems such as recycling farm plastics helps to reduce harm on the environment and people’s health.

How to recycle farm plastic in Kaikōura

On-farm collection of plastics, such as bale wrap and silage sheet, polypropylene, and twine, is available through Plasback - a farming recycling solutions company.

Liners and bins can be ordered online at or from local rural supply stores.

ECOLAB blue drums are free to recycle and are also collected by Plasback from your farm. Just remember to triple rinse them, remove the label and ensure no other hazardous substance has been stored in them.

Any farm plastics that cannot be recycled can be taken to your local refuse transfer station for disposal to a landfill. While farm pits are a permitted activity if conditions are met, we want you to be aware of the alternatives that are available, as this may prevent problems on the farm later.

Where do I find more information?

Local contractor - for information and bag collection:

Anderson Hay & Baleage Kaikōura are the local contractors for the Plasback farm plastic recycling scheme in Kaikōura.

Call Matt Anderson on 027 253 9270 for more information or bag collection.


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Story first published 13 January 2021