Annual and quarterly reports

Our quarterly portfolio performance reports give detailed information about how we are tracking for each portfolio throughout the year. We then create an Annual Report at the end of each financial year. 

Annual report

Our Annual Report is prepared each year. Its purpose is to report on what we did in that financial year, compared with what we said we would do in our annual plan.

The annual report includes an overview of our achievements that year, plus summaries for each of our portfolios of work.

Within our portfolios, we have key levels of service, which are our commitment to the community. Each portfolio section includes a report on the targets identified for each level of service.

An important part of the annual report is the financial reporting. This includes a financial commentary and statements and our statement of accounting policies. We also include information about our organisation, including the details of our Councillors.

Read our Annual Report Summary - where we feature a year in review and the levels of services we measure and report against.

Quarterly portfolio performance reports

Our Long-Term Plan 2021–31 sets out our service priorities, work programmes and resource requirements for the next ten years.

This performance report describes our progress, achievements and challenges in delivering the work programmes for each quarter. It is prepared for the Regional and Strategic Leadership Committee of the Council and for the community.

We report on activity by portfolio. There are five portfolios, and each portfolio section of this report includes information on activity by programme, and progress towards Levels of Service and key initiatives.

Where relevant, the performance report will also indicate key matters coming up over the next few months. An overview of finances has been included in each portfolio section.

Detailed financial reporting is received by the Audit, Finance and Risk Committee. We have also included risks for each of the five portfolios and how we are mitigating those risks.

Where the status of a Level of Service or key initiative is ‘at risk’ or ‘will not achieve’, further information is provided in the programme information or the risk table.

Check out our reporting back section to see how are we tracking in the latest quarter.