Consenting lets people or groups do things that might impact the environment. If you want to do something that the local plans don't allow, you need to get consent according to the Resource Management Act 1991(external link).

To make things go smoothly, we recommend talking to us early and using our advice service. Even though there's a cost, we give you a free hour at the beginning to save money overall.

You can read the details below or get in touch to arrange a talk with our consent planners. Please fill out this online pre-application advice form before applying.

We are also responsible for issuing building consents for large dams, ensuring large dams are well constructed and regularly monitored and that the potential risks to people and property are minimised. Find out more about building consent for large dams.

Understanding resource consents

Take time to prepare your application thoroughly and accurately because it is then more likely to be processed quickly and will cost less in the long run.

The consent process

We can guide you through the application process.

After my consent has been issued

It is everyone's responsibility to comply with the relevant rules and requirements.