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We want everyone to have access to a safe and affordable transport network. Canterbury’s network has been built over generations and provides us with access to economic and social opportunities. Our region is constantly changing and our growing population demands ongoing investment.

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Our public transport services

We provide three types of public transport in the Canterbury region: urban public transport services in Greater Christchurch and Timaru (including our MyWay on-demand service); subsidised door-to-door transport services for people with mobility impairments as part of our Total Mobility scheme; and funding grants for Community Vehicle Trusts that service areas outside of our urban public transport network.

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All you need to know about using public transport in Canterbury

Access bus/ferry routes, timetables, and fare and Metrocard information on our Metro website.

Planning our region’s longer-term transport needs

We work with city and district councils and other partners such as the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency to identify and prioritise our region's longer-term transport needs. We use this information to bid for central government funding for transport-related activities, such as maintaining roads and highways and providing public transport services and infrastructure for cycling and walking. The bid is outlined in our Canterbury Regional Land Transport Plan.

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We help advocate for road safety in Canterbury through the Canterbury Regional Road Safety Working Group. For updates on current road conditions, contact your city or district council, or visit Transport for Christchurch.