What could happen here?

Our region is vulnerable to a wide range of natural hazards including flooding, storms and earthquakes, which may become more frequent and more severe as the climate continues to change. Emergency events such as oil spills and chemical leaks add to these risks, meaning we need to respond quickly and appropriately when the need arises.

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What are the chances?

We use scientific and historical data to work out the likelihood of an event happening, and the expected consequences for Canterbury. The risk profile provides a broad picture of the social, natural, built and economic environments in Canterbury and outlines how hazards are likely to impact on the community.

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How are we prepared?

We work with the Canterbury Civil Defence Emergency Management Group to provide emergency management planning and response. In analysing the risk to our region, we gain a better understanding of where to prioritise and allocate resources should the need arise. We are then able to put specific plans in place to ensure we are best prepared for each possible situation. You can read more about our risk management plans in the Canterbury CDEM Group Plan.

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Check out the Civil Defence 'Never Happens' site for some good information on how to prepare for an emergency.