Council deliberations on 2020/21 Annual Plan rates

Council deliberated the 2020/21 Annual Plan priorities and rates for the coming financial year at a meeting on 21 May. Note due to COVID-19 restrictions the meeting was recorded rather than open to the public.

  • At the meeting, Councillors debated the recommended option in the agenda papers.

  • The Council resolution was agreed 7 votes for, 5 against.

  • The resolution directs staff to bring forward a 4% total rates increase which includes the 2.3% sustainable baseline Consumer Price Index (CPI) type increase, plus staff recommendations in the Public Transport Supplementary Paper of 0.76% with the balance being allocated to:

    • Coastal Environment Plan $500k (0.5%) 

    • Climate Engagement Programme $150k (0.15%) 

    • Me Uru Rākau | Tree planting and regeneration initiatives $250k (0.25%) 

  • This resolution does not represent the striking of the rates for the 2020/21 year. This will be done at the 18 June council meeting, when council will be asked to adopt the draft plan as final, and to formally strike the rates.