Stormwater Superheroes to the rescue for Christchurch

Six Christchurch West Melton businesses have stepped up to tackle issues and are leading the way in stormwater management and technology.

What is stormwater?

New Zealand’s waterways are increasingly degraded by stormwater. Stormwater is the water – and anything else – that flows down the drains in our footpaths and roads from urban areas.  

It collects rubbish, oil, chemicals, and anything else in its path, and goes directly into our streams and rivers, untreated.  

This can have an adverse effect on health when we swim in or drink from these streams and rivers, as well as affecting the flora and fauna.

Find out more about stormwater and what you can do to protect our urban waterways.

Business Stormwater Superhero's

By providing Industry leadership, implementing changes in stormwater management, or by demonstrating high standards of practices around stormwater management, the businesses have earned the right to call themselves superheroes.

An awards ceremony was held at the most recent water zone committee meeting at Te Hāpua in Halswell, where chair Arapata Reuben congratulated the businesses on their commitment to stormwater management and development.

Stormwater award winners: 

  • Resene Tower Junction and Hagley College both installed Storminator systems on their drain pipes.
  • Tower Junction supported research feeding into MEDUSA (Modelled Estimates for Urban Stormwater Assessment), consults with Ngāi Tahu on environmental best practice, and converses with tenants over environmentally friendly roofing and carparks.
  • Winstone Wallboards has proactive practices, policies, and company culture making a difference in protecting stormwater and waterways.
  • Canterbury University’s department of civil and natural resources engineering has supported the stormwater space for many years and is the department which created the Storminator system.
  • CSP Galvanising Ltd installed custom-designed stormwater treatment systems on-site.

Christchurch West Melton Water Zone Committee chair Arapata Reuben said he was thrilled to recognise the business’ great work.

“It just shows we can all be a Stormwater Superhero and that it’s quite easy to take small actions to help keep stormwater clean and improve the quality of water in our rivers and streams.

“Whether you work in a workshop, on a construction site or in an office – it’s important to look after our stormwater at work,” he said.