Water metering

In Canterbury, we value our freshwater for drinking, recreation, cultural use, and farming, as well as to provide a healthy aquatic habitat within waterways. By measuring and managing water takes, we can look after these resources in a way that protects the environment while sustaining the local economy. 

Under the new Essential Freshwater regulations, if you take more than five litres of water per second (l/s), you must measure and record how much water you take in each 15-minute period and report this data back to us daily.

Changes to water metering rules 

The Measurement and Reporting of Water Takes Amendment Regulations 2020 introduced new rules on how water users need to report back to regional government. 

Under our current regional rules, many resource consent holders already submit water use data to us. For some, the new regulations will mean they have to measure and report this data more frequently.

The dates the new rules come into effect varies based on how much water you take:

  • 3 September 2022 - If your rate of take is 20 l/s or greater.
  • 3 September 2024 - If your rate of take is 10 l/s or greater, but less than 20 l/s.
  • 3 September 2026 - If your rate of take is 5 l/s or greater, but less than 10 l/s.

Installing a water measuring system

If you have a permit that allows more than 5 l/s to be taken, then a meter needs to be installed at every point where water can be taken. This needs to be installed by an approved supplier. You can find a list of suppliers on the Irrigation NZ website.

Please contact us to let us know you are installing a water measuring system. 

Key dates

3 Sep 2022: Water takes above 20 l/s must comply with new metering rules.
3 Sep 2024: Water takes above 10 l/s must comply with new metering rules.
3 Sep 2026: Water takes above 5 l/s must comply with new metering rules.

water metering

Making the change to how you report water use data 

If your water use data is currently being reported to us on an annual basis, contact your service provider and request that they report your water use data to us daily by the date outlined above.  

Although your service provider can submit your water use data on your behalf, it is still your responsibility, as the consent holder, to ensure this happens.  

We are currently developing a database to store and report on this data. All relevant information, including where to submit water use data, will be provided soon. 

Need help?

Please contact us on 0800 324 636 or ecinfo@ecan.govt.nz if you need any specific information about the new Essential Freshwater regulations and the Canterbury Land and Water Regional Plan rules on water metering.

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