Cloud Ocean Water issued abatement notice

Today Environment Canterbury issued Cloud Ocean Water an abatement notice to stop taking water from its shallow well. 

Cloud Ocean Water, a commercial water bottling operation based in Belfast, was granted a consent in December 2017 to take water from the 33-metre bore.

Consent conditions meant Cloud Ocean Water needed to notify Environment Canterbury when giving effect to its consent (including providing verification certificates) and provide water metering data on an ongoing basis.

“We learned late last week that Cloud Ocean Water had breached both these conditions, which is unacceptable,” says Environment Canterbury senior operations manager Nick Daniels.

The abatement notice, which relates to consent CRC182813, means Cloud Ocean Water must stop taking groundwater until it meets all consent conditions. To do this, it would need to properly activate its consent (including providing us with verification certificates) and ensure water metering data is provided.

Cloud Ocean Water may be familiar to some people as it was in the news recently on a separate issue. In March 2018, Aotearoa Water Action filed legal proceedings to challenge the resource consents that Environment Canterbury granted to Cloud Ocean Water. Cloud Ocean Water was entitled to use its consent while the matter is before the courts – but only if all consent conditions were adhered to.

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