Free WiFi trial on Metro buses

Bus passengers on two routes will soon be able to read the news, scroll through Facebook and send iMessages to their friends as part of a WiFi trial on two routes.

From Tuesday, 1 May, WiFi will be offered to all passengers on the 29 Airport-City and the 85 Rolleston – City non-stop for three months.

Environment Canterbury senior manager public transport Stewart Gibbon said, “We’ve had a large number of requests asking us to introduce free WiFi on buses so we thought we’d trial it for three months to see if people use it, how much they use it, and also figure out what the value would be to roll it out across the network if it proved successful.”

“We’ve chosen to put it onto one of longer commuter routes, the 85, and the Airport, the 29, to target those who are heading to and from work, and the airport respectively.”

“Bus users on these routes will also be encouraged to fill in a survey about the WiFi so we can find out what they think of it.”

The information gathered from the surveys would be shared with the Public Transport Joint Committee, and used by Environment Canterbury to help plan future onboard bus services.

Frequently asked questions~~

How do I connect?

On your device, scan for open WiFi networks. Look for a network named Metro_Connect_#### (#### is the number of the bus you are travelling on, usually visible at the front of the bus), connect to this network, then open your web browser. Accept the terms and conditions, then you’ll be good to go.

Do I have to give my email address?

No. We are running surveys during the trial and so you may be asked for feedback on the service, however, no personal information is required to connect.

How much data can I use?

50mb per device per day

What if I can’t connect?

At the moment this is a trial service, so we cannot guarantee that vehicles fitted with WiFi will always be available and that the connection will always work. The driver isn’t able to offer support to help connect your device. If you experience trouble connecting, we welcome your feedback to help us identify what is and isn’t working and to learn more about your experience so we can improve our service.

Where can I leave comments or feedback?

What routes is Metro trialing free WiFi on?

29 Airport-City, and 85 Rolleston-City non-stop.

When will the trial begin, and how long will it run for?

The trial begins on May 1 for three months.

Why are you trailing a free WiFi service?

We want to learn more about the demand for free WiFi on buses, and how passengers use it. It will help us understand more about the on-bus services we may consider offering in the future.

If successful, will it be rolled out in all buses?

This will depend on a number of factors, including the outcome of the trial, the results of feedback from customers, and availability of funding.