Metro changes coming from Sunday 29 November

Metro passengers will see some timetable changes and different buses on some routes from the end of this month as new operator contracts begin.

The new public transport operating contacts announced in February, coming into effect from Sunday 29 November, bring with them a host of benefits including reducing public transport CO₂ emissions with the introduction of 25 new electric vehicles and 39 new low-emission Euro 6 buses.

Buses may look different

The change in contracts sees many services change to a different operator, and Metro passengers should be aware that a different bus may be used on their route from 29 November.

If you are used to seeing a Red Bus branded vehicle on your route, it may now be a Go Bus branded vehicle instead, and vice versa. Your bus might also be in the new teal livery as it continues to roll out across the network.

Checking the destination screen on the bus is the best way to confirm it’s your service.

Timetables on some services will change on 29 November

Our senior manager public transport Stewart Gibbon says this is the second of three stages of timetable changes.

“We’ve phased the changes to reduce the impact on our customers,” says Gibbon.

“The majority of changes being made this month are necessary to implement the new operator contracts and to ensure compliance with changes to the Employment Relations Act.”

Key changes from November 29 include:

  • frequency increase for the 3 Airport/Sheffield Crescent to Sumner (the Purple Line) to every 10 minutes all day on weekdays.
  • The merging of routes 44 and 45 to be known as the 44 Shirley – Westmorland. The new combined 44 will not travel between the Bus Interchange and Ara (as the current 44 does).
  • An updated Diamond Harbour Ferry timetable, adding a bit more time to each round trip.

A full list of the changes, including the operator for each service and the timetable from 29 November onwards, is available at

Plan ahead

Gibbon advises passengers to check now if their timetable or operator is changing on 29 November, and plan ahead.

“Our Journey Planner tool allows you to forward plan – you can plan your trip for 29 November onwards to see if the timetable changes impact your usual journey.”

Customers can call Metroinfo on 03 366 88 55 with any questions. Printed timetables are now available from the Metroinfo counter at the Bus Interchange.