Celebrating Earth Day 2021

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Video supplied by Te Kura o Ōhinetahi Governors Bay School with permission to share

Thanks to Te Kura o Ōhinetahi Governors Bay School for sharing this climate change song written by students Sarah H and Kate R.

It’s Earth Day today. People worldwide are thinking about ways to restore our planet and prevent climate change and environmental destruction.

Here in Aotearoa, more than 15,500 individuals and organisations have contributed ideas to the He Pou a Rangi Climate Change Commission about how we can reduce greenhouse gasses and transition to a low-emissions economy.

We need to be bold

School strike for climate change

School Strike 4 Climate in Christchurch, Sept 2019.

Our submission reflects our experience in delivering our transport, urban development, freshwater management, contaminated land, flood management, air quality, biodiversity and biosecurity functions across our diverse and dynamic region.

In particular, it focuses on the Commission’s recommendations regarding the forestry, agriculture, waste and transport sectors, as well as the relationships of local and central governments.

We support a bold and ambitious response, because of the urgency of climate emergency, and for the wellbeing of our local, national, and international communities.

Find out more about our submission we made to the Climate Change Commission.

 Humans made this mess, so we can fix it up - sing along 

Lyrics to sing along

Once upon a time our earth was fine

And it orbited harmlessly without a crime

But millions of years ago humans did evolve

Fast-forwarding by quite a lot

We started using cars and airplanes

And they pump out greenhouse gases

Into our atmosphere…


So you see, humans made this mess, so we can fix it up (fix it up)

So you see, humans made this mess, so we can fix it up (fix it up)

We want our futures, we deserve our lives

Because this is the planet we’ve got and we’re destroying it.


Walk to school or bike to work

Plant some trees and just don’t be a jerk

Oh please, help our earth

Cut down on meat, reduce plastic waste

Do all these things before it’s too late

Oh please, help our earth


So you see, humans made this mess, so we can fix it up (fix it up)

Oh, yeah.