Listed Land Use Register wins another award

Our innovative online tool for monitoring potentially contaminated land has received its second award in eight months.

Our Listed Land Use Register (LLUR) was given a WasteMINZ Award for Excellence in Contaminated Land Management.

The award given to the LLUR team

WasteMINZ considered the LLUR a project, initiative, or research that has made a significant contribution to the sector.

The nominations for these awards, which celebrate superstars in both the contaminated land and waste industries, were announced in July.

Late last year, the LLUR also won an Australasian Land and Groundwater Association Industry Excellence Award, in the “Innovation that has Advanced the Practice of Contaminated Site Assessment” category.

The register contains details of site activity, investigation records, aerial photography, and a bespoke database of contaminated site records, and links to a document management system.

It is free and easy to use, and users can identify pieces of land, access information held on that land, obtain site specific data, and download records and investigations straight to their device.

It meets our Resource Management Act duty to investigate and monitor contaminated land for the purposes of regulation, data management, and analysis.

Find out if your land is contaminated with the Listed Land Use Register (LLUR).

Saving Canterbury ratepayers millions

Science team leader Stephanie Koviessen was excited by the win.

“It’s a tool we’re really proud of, so we’re thrilled to see our joint effort acknowledged in this way,” she said.

Koviessen said one of the huge benefits of the tool is the fact it gives people the ability to freely search the database.

“In addition to 25,000 free property statements that were downloaded last year, consultancies have been able to directly download 1600 Site Reports which are available via our obligation to make information available to the public,” she said.

Koviessen said it also significantly saves on staff time and resources.

“Staff no longer need to respond to these enquiries which would be made through the normal council communication channels,” she said.

Team effort

The development of the listed land use register began in 2007, but a full upgrade was undertaken last year in partnership with Stratos Technology Partners.

The upgrade provides an improved customer experience with additional functions, including a new option to download reports and information. The system now provides the very latest in accessibility to those seeking land information.

Stratos is a Christchurch-based software services company specialising in bespoke software development. It partnered with us to deliver a unique and nationally recognised application from a combination of geospatial features.

More information

The award was given at a ceremony on 25 August.

Take a look at the full list of nominations on the WasteMINZ’s website.