Te Kōrari provides a space for community voices

Our new People's Panel, Te Kōrari offers more opportunities for community participation, by way of short online surveys.

Anyone can sign up to Te Kōrari to receive our surveys, which will be used to gain a ‘temperature check’ from the community on a range of topics and issues.

Environment Canterbury chair Jenny Hughey says she and her fellow Councillors are passionate about engagement with the community and she is happy to see a new avenue for this to occur.

“We have a responsibility to raise awareness in the community about our role as a regional council and the work we do. We also need to actively promote and encourage opportunities for our community to participate in council decision-making. The launch of Te Kōrari is just another way we can do this.”

How it works

The surveys will provide insights into community attitudes and beliefs and can also be used to test new ideas and promote opportunities to participate.

There’s minimal time investment, with most surveys taking only 5-10 minutes to complete. As a member, you can choose which surveys you want to take and there’s no pressure to do anything. You can also opt out at any time.

Surveys will not replace our formal consultations and won’t be used to make important decisions. They may however be used ahead of formal consultations to help build understanding and to make sure things are heading down the right track.

Getting started

Signing up only takes a couple of minutes. Visit www.ecan.govt.nz/te-korari and create a user account and make sure you tick ‘yes’ to sign up to the panel.

When signing up, panel members can provide information about themselves. This is strongly encouraged as it helps to ensure the panel remains well-balanced, and any surveys sent are relevant. Personal information will not be shared, and reports will use information in a way that does not identify you.

Learn more and sign up today at www.ecan.govt.nz/te-korari.