Water levels near seasonal average after warm autumn

A long and warm autumn has seen healthy water levels across Canterbury fall back to expected winter levels.

Our freshwater snapshot shows that groundwater levels are declining from previous high levels to average levels for winter, with some variance across the region.

River and stream flows are average across most of Canterbury, but below average for the large alpine rivers, including the Rangitata, Rakaia and Waimakariri.

After a relatively wet summer, autumn rainfall was within expected norms, while soil moisture on the first day of winter showed a marked difference between a damp North Canterbury, a dry South Canterbury and a very dry Banks Peninsula.

Summer seasonal snapshot

Our Canterbury water this season webpage reports on the water levels in our rivers and streams, groundwater and soil, as well as the rainfall over the previous three months.

It compares these levels against the long-term median level for the same season in previous years.

The autumn 2021/2022 update saw healthy river flows across Canterbury following a relatively wet summer.