Could your business be a Stormwater Superhero?

Does your business have good stormwater management practices? Then the Christchurch West Melton Water Management Zone Committee (CWMZC) want to hear from you!

It wants to celebrate businesses that are being a Stormwater Superhero – doing their best to keep chemicals and contaminants out of the drain, rivers and sea.

Stormwater is water that runs off our roofs, driveways, footpaths, carparks, roads and then into our gutters. From here, it almost always flows untreated into our rivers and out to sea.

It is particularly important for workplaces that are storing and using oils, nutrients, sediment, plastic and hazardous substances to have stormwater protection measures and spill procedures in place to prevent any pollution getting into stormwater.

Land development and construction sites need to have erosion and sediment control to prevent sediment getting into stormwater.

Find out more about stormwater and get tips and how to protect our waterways.

Nominate your business as a Stormwater Superhero

Being a Stormwater Superhero in the workplace also involves things like keeping floors free from grit and grime, and managing runoff and sediment.

The committee want to recognise businesses going the extra mile to do this by presenting them with an award and promoting the work they’ve been doing.

Entries closed on 13 September 2023.

After you enter, the selection panel will be in touch to discuss your application and arrange a site visit if applicable.

What last year’s winners have to say

Last year the committee crowned two Christchurch businesses Stormwater Superheroes – Tunnel Wash and Christchurch Ready Mix Concrete.

The businesses were recognised for a number of their practices including their re-use and treatment of stormwater, tidy sites, safe containment of chemicals and regular cleaning of sediment traps.

Tunnel Wash director, Brian Court, was thrilled with the Champion award.

"We are delighted to accept our award, and hope that by doing so, we’ll help continue to raise awareness about stormwater health, and the part each and every one of us can play in improving the environment,” he said.

Christchurch Ready Mix Concrete manager, Richard Sands, was equally proud of the recognition.

"We are happy that our solution is the best possible outcome for the environment, and it will also future-proof the sustainability of our site,” he said.

About the Christchurch West Melton Zone Committee (CWMZC)

The CWMZC is a joint committee of Christchurch City Council, Selwyn District Council and Environment Canterbury. It includes community members, Rūnanga representatives, and council-elected members.

The committee’s purpose is to uphold the mana of the freshwater bodies within Christchurch West Melton. It does this by facilitating enduring land and water management solutions that give effect to the Canterbury Water Management Strategy vision, principles and targets in the zone. 

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