Lyell / Waikōau restoration our chance to make a difference

For some the quake is mostly memory, for others, the consequences are still dominating their lives, and that makes pushing things hard; as a what seems like a gentle nudge to one person could occur as a shove towards a precipice to another.

Water issues are still with us, however, and are important. The focus of the zone committee right now is Lyell / Waikōau.

We have some time limited funding to be able to make a difference in Lyell Creek, and we are pushing ahead. We want everyone to be involved, and we don’t want to push anyone towards any precipices, so we ask all those who want to be involved to get involved.

Wetland developments, planting of the margins, fencing of margins, overland flow paths for stormwater; all are important aspects that may seem insignificant when viewed alone, but all added together make a big difference.

It is great to see dozens of local people turn out to Lyell Creek clean-up days.
It is great to have dozens of local people come to planting days. This is building on the work of many in the community over many years.

There are a lot of people in this community who, despite being busy and having multiple interests, make the effort to improve the quality of our shared spaces. It is something that most people appreciate, even if for many other things are above it on their order of priorities.

Thank you to all those who make an effort and thank you also to all those who appreciate the difference in some way.

If you notice something that you can’t fix, tell someone who can. If you have an issue that is slightly more than you can manage, talk to one of us in confidence, and we may be able to help with resources to sort it out.

We can and do all make a difference in the quality of our environment. Keep an eye out for local planting days and events – take your chance to come and help make a difference.

Stay informed