Get involved in improving Otipua-Saltwater Creek

A new community group is being launched to improve water quality and flow issues at Otipua-Saltwater Creek, one of Timaru’s main urban/rural waterways and you can be part of it.

The Otipua-Saltwater Creek Catchment Group launch will take place on Monday 29 October at 7pm at Hogben Hall at Timaru Boys’ High School. Anyone with an interest in the waterway is encouraged to come along to find out about being part of the group or learn about what’s being planned. The meeting will include a short presentation and plenty of time for questions and discussion about the role of the new group.

Otipua-Saltwater Creek is a well-known spot for a walk or bike ride near Timaru. It is home to the local rowing club, as well as native plants and wildlife. But problems with weed, water quality and flow levels mean that it needs careful management.

Rhys Taylor, who will be facilitating the group on behalf of the Orari Temuka Opihi Pareora Water Zone Committee, says the catchment group will provide an opportunity for local people to connect and contribute to a key waterway in their area.

“Whether you’re a cyclist, dog-walker, property owner or an interested community member – you’re welcome to come along and find out more about the new catchment group. You don’t need to have a scientific or environmental background - just an interest in Otipua-Saltwater Creek’s future.”

Sharing common interest in healthy waterways

A catchment group is a voluntary group of people who share a common interest in the good health of a waterway. There are already seven catchments groups in South Canterbury that work closely with the Orari Temuka Opihi Pareora Water Zone Committee.

The new Otipua-Saltwater Creek Catchment Group’s activities could include sharing information for all landowners on good management practices that protect water quality, volunteering to help plant and manage water-side (riparian) planting, arranging community events and field visits and encouraging industry and households to improve urban stormwater.

The formation of a catchment group follows on from a special working group that was set up in 2017 to provide an information base and establish a shared commitment. This included representatives from Environment Canterbury, Timaru District Council and the Department of Conservation, members of local rūnanga of Ngāi Tahu, Fish and Game Council, Timaru Rowing Club, and a local farming family. The working group made recommendations to the Orari Temuka Opihi Pareora Water Zone Committee, which will be considered in the committee’s Zone Implementation Programme, due to be released in December.

Event details

Otipua-Saltwater Creek catchment group launch

  • Monday 29 October 2018 at 7pm
  • Hogben Hall, Timaru Boys High School, North St

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